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PPV Soul Contracts and Soul Families

Soul contract can both mean:

  • 1 – Our overall plan before incarnating
  • 2 – Our contracts with other souls

Karma and Relationships



Soul Families

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  1. VIBEQE DENMARK (verified owner)

    Oh yes Twinflames are real both in Spirit realms and in particular THIS psycical life on Earth when SOULMERGED in ALL our bodies we were and are an enormous Light capacity cleansing , clearing the collective energies since 2019 and offcourse before that too but especially since Trump and intensified in these corona years.
    About free will hm it depends on your overall mission I think that when we have fullfilled the transition in this world for the collective then I at least will have free will. As it is now ! my free will is to see and do all I am cabable at in the non psycical realms.
    Great video I truly love the questions -and answers Thank you. AND LOVE YOU GUYS.

  2. Jan (verified owner)

    These are just a few of the questions that were answered: What are signs that you are in a soul contract with someone? How can we break a soul contract? How might learning about past lives help you or hurt you? What’s the percentage of Starseeds in the Beyond Mystic community? Due to the current changes going on, might we live a longer life than what’s considered average?How will old karma affect our efforts to get to 5D? How can an Eclipse affect your Karma? I also learned more pertaining to each of the questions asked. Very informative!

  3. terri artillio (verified owner)

    What an excellent video. Stay open minded and you will get SO much out of this.
    Again, thank you JC, Janine and Julie great topics. I will definitely be watching this a couple more times to get the most out of it

  4. Dorene Davis-Knute (verified owner)

    Excellent podcast! Thank you 🥰

  5. palmspringsanita (verified owner)

    You should be called Beyond-17! Thanks for the mind expanding and often mind blowing info.

  6. Definitely_Summer (verified owner)

    What a great show! I hope you guys DO expand on these concepts, for future videos! I think after seeing this, I have even more questions that i need answered! The off world partnership aspect was crazy and new, but super interesting!!! Thank you so much! Love to all–

  7. Sally Whitehead (verified owner)

    Great show. You three are on fire when you’re together! I love you and I thank you.

  8. Moenshannon (verified owner)

    I have watched this three times and learn something each time. WOW!!! This one was over the top with info and insight.

  9. SELINA ARTHUR (verified owner)

    great info

  10. Jenny Capella (verified owner)

    I loved this episode and I appreciate the synergy between the 3 of you—a golden triangle of Love. This is my second PPV and the energy is so nice with just you 3–and when Sophie is there, as well. I am a huge fan of your livestreams too—these are just different in a really nice way. I have not been able to buy the Insider Pass, but these two shows will push me to figure out a way, as soon as I can. Thank you! Sending love.

  11. Lea Posma (verified owner)

    I found this brilliant confirmation that my intuition has been right all along. Back in January I had an hour’s tarot reading with lovely Ashley (who had introduced her on a show) and we went through my 3 past lives, one which has given me reoccurring nightmares for 49 years up until that time. I was able to reach an understanding and put them to rest in order for me to move on. I feel so whole now and cleared of all past energies in order to give my all to creating our wonderful future. Thank you so much Jean-Claude, Ashley, Julie and Janine for enhancing my life to the max! It would have been terribly isolating without you! All my love and gratitude to you all XXX

  12. JudithElaine (verified owner)

    Thank you, Jean-Claude, Janie, and Julie. What a wonderful discussion and confirmation for me. I was reminded of one of my many early morning wake-up calls. I had celebrated my 30th birthday with a tequila and dancing event(not on a table). Upon waking my voice said “Now, you are going to live to be 126. You have been learning alot and it is time to start using it, or you will be dragged kicking and screaming to that.” The genetics of the women in my family did not point to this possibility, grandmother 55 and mother 65. I am now 72 and healthier than I was at 30. People always are surprised at my age. I did have an NDE on Dec. 28, 1984 and my spiritual life took off like fireworks just prior to the Harmonic Convergence. I can also report that my dreams indicate I am a very busy girl in dream time, with repetitive locations and work. I send you great love, respect, and Source Light. What you give through your sharing and insights is so remarkable. I cannot thank you enough.

  13. Definitely_Summer (verified owner)

    Oooh so much good info, and now I have more questions! Loved it. Thank you! If you watch this and then watch the Mount Meru video, they’re kind of connected. I really like these deep dives and look forward to the next one.

  14. Suzanne Wilson (verified owner)

    I love these videos and thankful I have access to listen over and over to digest the info! I can’t get enough. I love the amazing questions you all ask and Janine answers. You 3 are an amazing trio. Loving your energies 💖 These past 3 have been amazing for me personally in all aspects. I too wonder what I do in my sleep. I wake up feeling sore like I’ve been in a battle at times. I want to know more about the Akashic records. What is the connection with not being able to get over a loss of a love or a pet? Y’all answer so many questions we have. It’s like a personal reading every week. I have so many questions myself. Your helping those of us that are here for awakening. Keep the videos coming! Much love! ❣💞

  15. Robin (verified owner)


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