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Lemurian History

  • Is it correct to say that Lemuria existed before Atlantis or did they exist at the same time?
  • Was Lemuria seeded by the Pleiadians? By intermixing Pleiadian with human DNA?
  • Did the high mountains of Lemuria – where Hawaii and Polynesian Islands are now – hold a special frequency? Was it a place for ET spaceships to land?
  • Is it true to say that spiritual leaders in Lemuria were Divine Feminine High Priestesses?

The Fall of Lemuria 

  • Is Lemuria the first civilization on Earth where humans were gifted a spiritual consciousness? For the first time aware of their divine essence?
  • Did the feminine energy become overpowering at one point and create problems at the end of Lemuria?
  • Did the Lemurians fall prey to predetors? If so, were they ETs or other humans?
  • Did some Lemurians or ETs living in Lemuria go to Mount Shasta after the fall?

Keys from the past 

  • Were the Lemurians master manifestation?
  • Did they master immortality? Did they build regenaration temples to heal the physical body and live longer?
  • How important are crystals at this time? What’s their true power?
  • What’s in Uluru now? Are there ETs still there? Or maybe in another dimension?
  • What can we learn from Lemuria that would benefit our awakening process now?
  • Are a lot of Past Lemurians amongst the Beyond Mystic community now?

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  1. jc (verified owner)


  2. Javiera Lara-Faure (verified owner)

    Definitely came from lemuria , I’ve had past life dreams with water pools used for magic and crystal mountains in the moonlight. I still practice water gazing and feel healed when I swim .. and I swim in the ocean and lakes allot. I’ve been thinking of sharing my knowledge now that I’m elder , maybe it’s time ♥️

  3. Patricia Thurston (verified owner)

    this was a delightful interview – I have always felt connected with Lemuria just as you described it – and I have felt homesick for the incredible beauty of that place. Hoping we can all reach a place of balance soon where the masculine and feminine energies can reach a place of perfect balance. Thank you for this investigation.

  4. Jacqueline Venter (verified owner)

    Thank you that was so interesting. I had my akashic record reading and I asked about being a starseed as I have always felt this longing to go home and had a deep inner knowing and she told me I had deep roots to Lemuria ❤️

  5. kara evans (verified owner)

    I feel deeply connected to Hawaii- lived there for two years. I was visited in a dream by two extra terrestrials, a Lemurian and a Pleaidean. The Lemurian said that she was the ancestor of my mother and the Pleaidean said that he was the ancestor of my father. My mother is dark haired with olive skin and my father is very fair with blue eyes. Hawaii is where my spiritual awakening really began and it is a deeply magical place full of portals.

  6. Nell Crowden (verified owner)

    amazing, loved it – thank you. feel very connected through the surfing community, in bali, oz, nz, hawaii, and especially with messages through the water. thank you and sending greetings from cornwall, uk!

  7. Carol Reinlie (verified owner)

    Wow – I was told when I was younger that I was from Lemuria. Also, the Space Force video resonated as well. Thanks for the deep dive. So much going on now that we can know a bit and not know some. Ready to be on the other side of all this. A magical time to be here indeed. Thanks!

  8. Jeeva Beckett (verified owner)

    Great episode. Merci. I totally resonate with the story of Lemuria and it’s magical qualities. Manifesting with love is the key! Thank you guys for holding the light! ✨❤️

  9. Ida Greschner (verified owner)

    I had a thought coming to me when Janine said the feminine misused their power and was dismissive of the masculine. Maybe Shamans and high priest could be only female. What I’ve noticed that now we have a lot of male teachers in the spirituality community. Maybe this will be the balance between the sexes, that both can achieve enlightened states and be equal. Of course I do not know if either Lemuria or Atlantis what was the ratio between the sexes in high positions. Enjoyed the show, a lot of new questions. Thank you. ❤️😇

  10. Dorothy Allyn (verified owner)

    A fascinating and, for me, timely show! Years ago, I channeled an entity named Leilani from Lemuria. Loved her energy, so gentle but strong, wise. I’ve always felt a strong connection to Lemuria, and now, this episode has given me the courage to draw on that Lemurian energy more and trust my feelings (“Trust your feelings, Luke!”) yeah, I’m also a Star Wars fanatic, especially when Yoda appeared! I also own a beautiful pin the creator named Leilani, and wear it often. I’ll be watching this episode again. Thankyou thankyou thankyou!

  11. Joshua Marlette (verified owner)

    Such a great job investigating intuitive history

  12. Mauny Kaseburg (verified owner)

    Thanks you THREE MAGINFICENT SOULS!!! This was great! I had Ramtha tell me in the late 1970’s re: my name – Mauny – was a House in Lemuria – specifically the House of Mauny of Mu. Interesting…..hmmm….also, yes, I had a lucid dream about being a head priestess on an island (Lemurian) ‘convent’ – I had only allowed eunuchs to ‘protect’ us – we were overrun by ‘barbarians’ who raped, pillaged, plundered the convent. I was destroyed by guilt having not allowed a ‘balanced’ female-male energy to exist to protect my Innocents (the name for the novitiates on the Island). I woke up crying from the dream. WHAT A LESSON REMEMBERED!!! I think there’s a lot about Lemuria in old Sanskrit texts.

  13. Liz Hansen (verified owner)

    Been a long time since I’ve read about Lemuria, so it was great to watch the show and get in to it again.
    Looking forward to watch the next one on Atlantis too 🙂
    Thanks guys <3

  14. Ann Blair Wilburn (verified owner)

    Wow! This was amazing. I’ve had a few akashic readings recently and they all go into this special bloodline; also, healing waters, ice caps with information being stored… my life’s work was recording the creation of the earth (from the rocks) inside an emerald (?) crystal cave in Lemuria, before a natural disaster ended my life. My guides have said I will receive this knowledge in this lifetime ❤️
    Loved this investigation. Thank you for all that you guys do! You’ve made the past few years so much better for so many of us.

  15. Deanne Atwood (verified owner)

    Good info. I was on Lemuria, at the fall, I didn’t make it. If I am correct, A member of Atlantis came to steal our magic…I was also on Atlantis…where we were duped….but not this time. Came to heal that time and wake up to our power so it doesn’t happen again

  16. Deanne Atwood (verified owner)

    Good info. I was on Lemuria, at the fall, I didn’t make it. It will be interesting when Atlantis is read .

  17. Jennifer Rutledge (verified owner)

    Love it! It reminded me a lot of Lucy Cavendish’s book The Lost Lands about Atlantis, Lemuria and Avalon. I love the history lesson of this video. We are in a time of re-balancing the energies of this realm and we all play a part. Thanks for this video!! Love you guys!!

  18. Steve Bachand (verified owner)

    So exciting, Lemuria #2 please, lol.
    Thanks so much!

  19. Jeannine Brown (verified owner)

    Great show and investigation! I have always felt very strongly connected to Lemurian energies and the Lemurian energies of deep Earth in all her magic. The sense and feeling of Lemuria having been a stronghold of divine feminine, female shaman, elder priestess energy resonates with me. In the dreamtime, I have travelled in the Lemurian energies of Hawaii. And my son and I are both highly connected to the sacred Spring waters of Mt. Shasta. Thank you for bringing to life this magic of consciousness and re-kindling it into our Earth walk now. Lemuria lives!

  20. Wayne Surbrook (verified owner)

    WOWSER! Awesome stuff, guys! I drive a big truck up and down the west coast between Western Washington and Southern California. I haul fresh food both ways. Mt Shasta is about the half way point so I lay over there just about every week. In 2017, I put my truck in the shop in Redding Cal (about 60 miles south of Shasta) to have the top part of the engine rebuilt. It took about a week to accomplish. Rented a car for the week and stayed with a friend of mine in Shasta during that time while I worked on my first book, Who God is Not. Midway through the week, I received a telepathic message that I needed to go up on the mountain, that there was a couple there that needed food and had no money. So I did just that. Sparing you the details, I found them and gave them 50 bucks or so. They looked like normal humans other then being smaller in stature a little and their eye sockets were more round than I am used to seeing.
    I left, headed back down the mountain, reveling in the joy of assisting others when I perceived that the female was pregnant. What a blast of great joy that was!
    About a year later, while attending a local Reiki group, we were each taking turns on the table for about 8 minutes. As soon as I laid down, the room filled with Greys. They took me into Mt. Shasta into the city of Telos. I was given a beautiful crown and a gorgeous Red Robe, very royal stuff ! They told me they wished to honor me by granting me citizenship in their city. I asked why they would do that, to which they replied that I had helped a couple of their people when they needed food. Wow is a good word, eh?
    When they placed the Crown and Robe on me, I realized that much power and authority came with it. I remember telling them I didn’t think it was a good idea to give me that kind of power because I am really good at screwing things up ! They just laughed and said that my integrity was high enough that if I did screw something up, I would go back and fix it.
    Amazing experience and they just keep happening …
    Love what you guys are doing, going to become full member right now… Blessings!!! Wayne@ballc.biz

  21. Vivienne Mitchinson (verified owner)

    I loved this show as I’m really drawn to Lemuria. Perhaps I could have been a high priestess too, as I do channel healing, particularly Angelic Reiki, and I’ve attended several animal communication workshops. However, I do feel that my third eye is blocked as I have great difficulty connecting telepathically with animals. It’s probably a past life issue!

  22. Mrs. Ulrika Persson (verified owner)

    Loved this topic and I feel so drawn to learn more about these other dimensions and lifetimes.

  23. Joanne Kelly (verified owner)

    I do past life regressions and have undergone regressions myself. I experienced a past life in Lemuria, to me Lemuria was 5D. Everything Janine said really resonates.

  24. onealta (verified owner)

    Loved it…. Wondering if somewhere deep into Carlsbad Caverns, in New Mexico, is where the healing waters can be found. The public is only allowed to go where they want you to. Several areas are restricted.. the caverns are very very deep with only a portion that have been explored…. Or so “they” say.

  25. Katie Brackeen (verified owner)

    The Fountain of Youth also came to mind. Also, Rudolph Steiner talked a lot about both places. Interestingly he brought out during Lemuria was when Luciferic stream was introduced to give the human race a kick start in becoming more individualistic like what Janine said.
    Excellent job, guys. I am looking forward to Atlantis. I lived in both times. Have some memories of both times.

  26. Ora (verified owner)

    Wow!!! amazing show. i bought Lemurian oracle deck awhile ago and felt so connected to the magical pictures on it with the water and crystals!
    Love it!!!!!! also had constant dreams about water.. thank you and cant wait for the Atlantic show!

  27. Dana Ferguson (verified owner)

    This resonates so much, in so many ways. I also sense that durning /after “the unpleasantness” there were Lemurian colonies scattered along the pacific coast of North America, that I was here on Vancouver Island and was interacting with Atlanteans (now mainland Vancouver side} who were scattered also, each of us had certain skills, Internal and External, searching for masculine/feminine balance again, and cooperating outside the Bureaucracies of the day.. Like Janine, I feel I’m a very old soul, a Pleadian explorer who stayed.

    Thank you.

  28. Daisy Thé (verified owner)

    Loved it! I was a mermaid in Mu.

  29. Ginger Blakely (verified owner)

    LOVE THIS! Please do more on different locations, I feel this is important for us to know now as events unfold. Looking forward to the Atlantis video, please consider doing Mt. Shasta, Glastonbury, Sedona, Uluru and Lake Titicaca too. These are important places on our planet and it would be wonderful to have more in-depth information. Blessings to you all and much love!

  30. Janice Cameron (verified owner)

    Wonderful !! I too have been unknowingly intuitive and resonating with Lemuria. Several years ago I purchased a crystal bowl that was Lerimar, 9 inch E+15 and absolutely didn’t have a clue what that all meant. The bowl just spoke to me out of hundreds of bowls. I could fee it resonating in my torso. Also Janine’s mother transitioned on my 60 th birthday. I am a cancer moon with a Virgo rising and my north node is in 12 house. I have been studying astrology and it comes oh so natural. My creativity is waking up and exploding. The whole left side of my body has always felt energetically numb. I am using left hand writing to wake up the shut down. My soul is extremely sensitive, but most of life I needed to be shut down. It was a survival thing. I now know I am here for THIS. I do simple things like violet flame decree and tube light. I am waking up to incredibly powerful gifts and I thank you ALL for your insights and inspirations. I lost my western old timeline job and I live simple now, so I can wakey wakey 🤣

  31. Kelly De Saedeleer (verified owner)

    Woww so amazing…. I remember though…. As a little girl I was with my aunt looking over the sea, in England on holidays (Belgian here lol) and I remember saying to her: look there is an island in the distance. She said she didn’t see it and it must be my imagination…. Sth like that and now I don’t know anymore if this was really a memory or a dream….but anyhow really special to me ❤️
    I do know I am always attracted to know more about all of these places that are yet unknown or erased from our memories.
    You have mentioned Stonehenge but there is also Avalon, which they say is cloaked as well. And also around the Glastonbury Tor there is a cloaked entrance to a place we don’t know (yet)…. England has several I heard.
    And besides that there is still Agartha, inner Earth… I don’t know where it was though….
    I do believe there are even more interesting places we never even heard of. Hopefully we will soon rediscover. Thank you and please continue investigating because you all bring puzzle pieces together a lot 🙏❤️

  32. Susan Farquhar Vos (verified owner)

    Oh yes definately I believe I had a very important life on Lemuria. I too remember crystal water pools and bathing rituals in the moonlight, especially working with other priestesses with with these magical rituals creating that had beneficial outcomes for the world. I’ve known this all my adult life but especially now I’m dabbling in many skills in gardening, herbal and food preservation that somehow is making a stronger link to that life (or lives) I had in Lemuria.

  33. Randy Gilmore (verified owner)

    I have a lot of dreams, but places has never been identified, I have always had a strong attraction to Atlantis so who knows. Very good video of Lemuria, I look forward to Atlantis. Thank you

  34. Suzanne Wilson (verified owner)

    I recently woke up from a nap hearing water being poured out in 2 intervals. Not sure what these signs mean. Ive only had one Akashic record reading, but desire for much greater knowledge! Discovered I’m highly empathic and long for more info and harness skills. Getting more intuitive and psychic tidbits but not awakening as fast as I would desire. Thankful to have found these shows! I don’t feel as strange and alone. Although I don’t have friends to converse with and I long for that deeply! Thank you guys, love you all.

  35. Jan McAskill (verified owner)

    Lots to consider and digest.
    Thanks for all you do and the excellent information in so many areas you all bring to the table.
    Sending much love and gratitude Jean, Janine and Julie. 🌹🌏🎵❤️🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽

  36. Karen Kauth (verified owner)

    Thank you all for your insight. I found it very intriguing. I had been told by a very trusted psychic that I had a past life in Lemuria. With the help of Archangel Michael I visited Lemuria at the time I lived there. He showed me a man, I think was me, and a woman he called my sister. It was a life changing experience. Thanks again for all you ALL do.

  37. Elaine Meery (verified owner)

    I am definitely from Lemuria and I believe I have been drawn to the BeyondMystic family for the very reasons spoken about in the video. The messages in the video resonated deeply with me and I have discovered another connection to Lyra spoken about here only briefly but having greater meanings for me and I look forward to more deep dives into these connections. I grew up near the ocean and since being away from there I have deep longings and an unexplainable affinity to the ocean/water; in fact, I feel the pull of the ocean to return and make my home near it again. Thank you JC, Janine & Julie for taking us on these journies in discovering our roots… playing such an important role in our awakening process!

  38. Karen Napper (verified owner)

    This is so wonderful to hear. Amazing.

  39. Halla Mayhew (verified owner)

    I came from Lemuria, I remember a lot. In this lifetime, when I go to one of the Hawaiian Islands I see women everywhere, greet them, but my husband literally sees no one. Anything I want materializes and I feel very “High Priestess”. I do believe it became unbalanced because we were dismissive of men. I still can be that way even though I know they are magical. I like spending time in caves alone, the energy feels like a “home” type of memory. I use crystals daily in this lifetime. This was my favorite so far! Felt it! Atlantis next 🙂

  40. Definitely_Summer (verified owner)

    Love this one! You need to revisit this one! I feel like my childhood fascination with Hawaii might be connected to Lemuria, actually. Hmm wonder about so many things! I also wondered while you were asking about the powerful females, if they were the ones who gave us legends of Amazons? Also, the way Janine described them, they seemed like the statues on the outsides of old buildings, the Tartarian/mudflood style. All the statues like that were named Colombia, Britannia, Franconia, I think? They are always described as Romanesque, but I think Lemurian people must have done some strong influencing everywhere on Earth! What if Winged Victory/Nike of Samothrace isn’t Greco-Roman, but Lemurian? What if all the goddesses were actually Lemurian? OMG I just love all these deep dives! Keep ’em coming! Thank you!!

  41. Moenshannon (verified owner)

    I am loving this series. Packed full of info that make you think!!!

  42. Marek Tvrdy (verified owner)

    Perfect, love it.

  43. palmspringsanita (verified owner)

    Although fiction from a different time and place, Lemuria kind of reminds me of where someone like Wonder Woman would have originally come from.

  44. jae (verified owner)

    My latest vision was of my life as an Oracle in Lemuria and this was the basis for their civilisation – many many female oracles who literally visualised this world into being through ‘future’ water scrying. They actually saw the future in the water of what was to come and all the fractal lives of themselves and humanities futures….they were creating it!……the power of the feminine oracles were later used to try to ‘fix’ futures by the masculine to their own ends…and so came the downfall (they had already seen it) and their move to inner Earth and higher vibrational existence. but at this specific time our Lemurian codes our coming back online and with it our power of vision to create the future…..jae Hewitt X

  45. Suzanne Wilson (verified owner)

    Watched this video a 3rd time and more 🧩 coming together. The water healing is making me think I have a connection. Not sure about Lumeria and didn’t really feel a connection with Altlantis. Would love to hear about Avalon. I woke up from a nap hearing water pouring above my head. It was very odd but very very clear. I tried to do a past life regression with a video I bought by Michael Jaco. I saw the top of a leafless tree at dusk. Then clear ripples of water, that eventually revealed a shamrock on a white round plaque. Then it faded to blackness. I have no idea what that meant. But I’m drawn to anything Irish or Scottish. I’ve always been drawn to stare at clear water and felt relaxed. Love the sound of water but can’t swim. I’d love to know the connection. I finally invested in crystals and energy rocks. Can’t wait to see what is revealed next. There has to be something with water healing. 🤔 Keep these deep dives coming! Amazing! 🔮☘🧙‍♀️

  46. Suzanne Wilson (verified owner)

    Watched this video a 3rd time and more 🧩 coming together. The water healing is making me think I have a connection. Not sure about Lumeria and didn’t really feel a connection with Altlantis. Would love to hear about Avalon. I tried to do a past life regression with a video I bought by Michael Jaco. I saw the top of a leafless tree at dusk. Then clear ripples of water, that eventually revealed a shamrock on a white round plaque. Then it faded to blackness. I have no idea what that meant. But I’m drawn to anything Irish or Scottish. I’ve always been drawn to stare at clear water and felt relaxed. Love the sound of water but can’t swim. I’d love to know the connection. I finally invested in crystals and energy rocks. Can’t wait to see what is revealed next. There has to be something with water healing. 🤔 Keep these deep dives coming! Amazing! 🔮☘🧙‍♀️

  47. Leila Burris (verified owner)

    Awesome!!! I have always been fascinated by and had researched some on Lemuria and Atlantis. I also think that I may be either from Lemuria and or also part Lyran because before I could talk as a child I would meow to answer and ask for things and I’ve always loved cats and that was before we has owned any cats. Thank you for doing these shows and researching about these places; they all fascinate me!!!😊👍💯

  48. Robin (verified owner)

    loved the video. i feel compelled to do a painting of Mt. Shasta. my friend did an incredible healing session on me years ago with his magnificent Lemurian wands. fine art artist Stefan Baumann lives in Mt. Shasta and offers painting tutorials on youtube!

  49. Linda White (verified owner)

    Bless you all my questions have been answered. As a child I grew up on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand next to the sea, and when I fought with my mother I would pack my bag and head to the sea or look out to the sea and tell them I was going home. They laughed at me often and say” its sea all the way to South America no land out there” children just know dont they. I always thought we were connected and scattered around the Earth for a purpose.
    Sending Ravens.

  50. Krystle Cargill (verified owner)

    I love this episode. I think I’ve watched it 4 or 5 times now and I still get something new from it each time I watch. Recently I had a reading with Janine’s best friend, Ashley Sage and she told me I had a past life there and that I even helped cloak it. Janine really helps me put my puzzle pieces together. Thanks for yet another outstanding episode!

  51. Paulien Gort (verified owner)

    I loved this episode! So much interesting information! I have seen the same green crystals during shamanic journeys. Now I finally know what they are connected to. I think I moved to Australia because of the Lemurian vibe here. I love this whole area, NZ, Tonga, French Polynesia, Hawaii, they all resonate with me.
    Hope you are going to do many more deep dives! Love them! Keep them coming! 🙂

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