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  • There is a lot of different theories on where Atlantis was situated. Is it accurate to say it was in the Atlantic ocean and reached the Canary Islands?
  • Will we find remains of Atlantis soon?
  • Did some Martians from planet Mars migrate to Atlantis to colonize it?

 Genetic experiments

  •  I read the Atlanteans experimented a lot with genetic mixed breeding, resulting in the creation of many human and animal mixed creatures. Were there Mermaids and Unicorns in Atlantis?
  •  Were there a species of humans with dog heads in Atlantis, then migrating to Egypt?
  •  Are the genetic modifications occuring now with the vaccines, a karmic reflection of the genetic modifications in Atlantis? What’s the karmic lesson we have to learn?
  • What’s the role of the Annunakis in relation to Atlantis? Did they seed it? Colonize it? Supervise it?

The fall of Atlantis

  • Was Atlantis destroyed because the people’s technology advancement level didn’t match their spiritual advancement level? So therefore they were judged too dangerous for the planet, in disharmony with it?
  • The annihilation of Atlantis was caused by what force or power?
  • Did a portion of Atlanteans migrate to Egypt and built the pyramids?
  • Is Enki, the Annunaki ruler, the same as Osiris, the Egyptian God?
  • Did another portion of Atlanteans migrate to Mexico to build the pyramids there?
  • Was the Impact of Clovis comet responsible for the fall of Atlantis?

Keys from the past

  • What can we learn from Atlantis that would benefit our awakening process now?
  • Are a lot of Past Atlanteans amongst the Beyond Mystic community now?

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  1. jc (verified owner)


  2. Barbara Proulx (verified owner)


  3. Lisa Olberding (verified owner)

    Love this! You described the story of Atlantis exactly as I have known it ❤️

    Love you all!! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Gayl Genung (verified owner)

    Another extremely interesting and excellent video from you three! I was watching Brad Johnson’s video from today (5/26) and he talks about Atlantis. He states part of it (after it was destroyed) became what we now call Antarctica and that’s why it is so highly secretive and protected with still some of the advanced technology there as well. I’d love for you three to look into that! Thank you 🙂

  5. Mrs. Ulrika Persson (verified owner)

    Some truthers and mediums think that ATLANTIS is in Antartica.
    Great investigation, just love your trio JC. Bless you.

  6. Katie Brackeen (verified owner)

    Awesome thanks guys. Voyagers also talks about Atlantis. Interesting to look into Hybernation zones. According to E’Ash Atlantis and Lemuria and other areas currently are Hybetnation Zones. Basically, just a little out of phase with our World or running reversed energy.
    I wonder if these portal spots were built after the falling out of this World into the zones.
    Yea, also, according to E’Asha aka Guardian Alliance, we don’t right now want Atlantis to manifest around us because we would then be in the Hibernation Zone.
    Yea, good filler information for me, thanks. Yes, I lived in both Atlantis and Lemuria. Yea, this lifetime has been cleaning up a lot of my messes.
    Really LUV you guys. Thanks so much for all that you do.

  7. Ora (verified owner)

    Wow!! Love this Show so interesting…

  8. SELINA ARTHUR (verified owner)


  9. Definitely_Summer (verified owner)

    Fabulous! Another fascinating look into what is legendary and different than what we might have believed, or not believed. Plus all the lies about all this stuff. I wonder if all the info is in the Vatican Archives, and that’s why they don’t let anyone in to look at them? When are we getting into those, I wonder? I loved finding the connection to Lemuria, and how much the two civilizations were different and why. And I’ve read about that stuff that you guys talked about, with why they were likely destroyed. I wonder if they have had any lasting influences on the cult members, what with all their meddling and manipulations? Great show, once again, guys–thank you so much!

  10. Moenshannon (verified owner)

    This is a must-see!!!!! I watched it twice!

  11. Suzanne Wilson (verified owner)

    Very interesting. Wouldn’t surprise me to learn (bad intentioned) reincarnated Atlantians are part of the Black Hats trying to continue world domination. Great episode.

  12. JudithElaine (verified owner)

    My sense is that the 3 of you filled this out quite well. The histories added to other written works by previous seers didn’t quite tie up enough for me. What you bring into this picture of the Human story resonate more with my own inner senses. Thank you for your wonderful sharing of your gifts.

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