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  • Is Antarctica shaped and positioned the way it’s portrayed on world maps?
  • If the Earth is neither round nor flat but somewhere in between looking like a toroidal field, that would make Antarctica as the edge of the platform. Is Antarctica the bridge to the “Upside Down”? A portal to the inside Earth?
  • Crater Earth Theory? Old World Maps?
  • Mirror reflection of North Pole?


  • Did World War II Nazis move to Antarctica to establish their new headquarters on Earth – Neuschwabenland – and ally with Reptilian ETs?
  • Is there a portal in Antarctica? If so, where is it connected to? What’s its destination
  • Why were elites travelling to Antarctica?
  • Is it true a war exploded between a Lyran ET colony and the Reptilians based in Antarctica, resulting in a nuclear explosion in the area and destroying most Reptilian underground bases?


  •  What is going on right now in Antarctica? Are there still installations underneath the surface of Antarctica?
  • Why were german scientists recently being seen leaving the area? Is it true?
  • Did the Alliance take over Antarctica?
  • Is there a weather regulator technology in Antarctica?
  • Is there a link between Antarctica and the primordial waters of creation? If so, is it possible to heal or to regenerate the physical body there?


  • Having control over Antarctica guarantees what kind of power? What’s the importance of this location for Earth’s future?

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  1. jc (verified owner)


  2. Sandra Jones (verified owner)

    Very good interview. I enjoyed it. Just a couple of things to add. Re the map of our planet, refer to Jason Q on HIGH VIBES UP on youtube. At the back of him he has a great map of the correct earth. There are other continents outside of Antarctica. And don’t quote me on this because I can’t recall exactly who, but think it was Gene Decode, said there is a city of 50 million underneath the ice in Antarctica made up of human hybrids, and other alien life and of course the Nazi’s. The other thing I heard (I think through Elena Danaan) is Thor Han (Cmdr of Galactic Fed of Worlds) said they had cleared out the draco’s from the planet via Antarctica because they wanted to use that portal that took them to Mars. They got trapped when they got to Mars. Thor Han said the portal was then closed permanently with a key frequency code so no aliens can access it to come back onto the earth that way. I just thought those things were fascinating. I find the pic of our planet with the spiralling funnel in the middle hard to imagine but I do recall Ismael Perez said it was something like that too. Great work guys.

  3. Julie Alexander (verified owner)

    Dr Michael Salla’s latest book confirms a lot of the answers Janine gave to your questions. It’s a great book “Galactic Federations Councils & Secret Space Programmes” and really worth reading. Lots of info from Elena Danaan in the book as well.

  4. Charles Spenser (verified owner)

    Janine brightens my day, every time I watch her….

  5. Tessa Mason (verified owner)

    Just recently one of the Rockefeller’s I think ….was quoted as saying “ the people don’t deserve the water” I’ll bet it is the water you’re talking about!! The comment was from the guy who owns Nestle

  6. Ingrid Fischer (verified owner)

    Great show as usual. I bet Gene Decode and Michael Salla could help fill in some gaps. Ever considered inviting a special guest ?
    Warm regards from Switzerland 🇨🇭,

  7. Definitely_Summer (verified owner)

    This one should be called “The Plot Thickens” LOL–every look into these places raises so many more questions. Nothing is ever what we think it is (esp. not from what mainstream has told us). Thank you for this fascinating look at a mysterious place!

  8. Caron Wood (verified owner)

    I am a Starseed and have been doing my own research on this subject and its strange I wasn’t interested in it before that much until this year So many things appeared to me re this subject ie videos books info on Internet etc IT is truly fascinating and don’t forget the Antarctic agreement that was made by several countries which basically allows no civilians there or any conflicts HOW ironic when nobody is meant to be there! And yet we have conflicts all over the rest of the earth
    JCkay on YT did a remote viewing on Antarctica that is a fascinating listen there was a meeting going on Janine said with negative ETs and demon like beings with our world leaders and there is a portal there
    Thankyou for this everything you said resonated the other thought I had was do all the waters on this earth seas oceans etc originate from there? Blessings all

  9. Ora (verified owner)

    wow! wow! wow! i love those shows, i had goosebumps few times during this video.

  10. Pat Trattner (verified owner)

    A eye opener for sure, who knew this would be a important place, I can hardly wait to try out the water. Many thanks for the exposure of Antarctica and the possibilities in our future.

  11. Beverly Maitland (verified owner)

    This was amazing. I’ve always been fascinated with Antarctica.

  12. Jean Boyd (verified owner)

    Thank you for this interesting and thought-provoking episode. Have you read ‘The Smokey God’ by Emerson? It recounts a fisherman’s story (Olaf Jansen) of accidentally entering the Earth through the north pole in 1908, his consequent adventures and persecution upon returning.
    Your show gave me many ah-ha goose-bump moments. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Amanda Hutchinson (verified owner)

    Admiral Byrd actually made it to Hollow Earth where there is a 6 dime sional race of people.He held the right frequency in order to access it.

  14. Amanda Hutchinson (verified owner)

    Why wouldn’t the DS use the healing waters instead of Adrenocome❣❣❣

  15. Randy Vasquez (verified owner)

    You guys are so awesome! I’m I a starseed.? I wonder.

  16. Greg Ward (verified owner)

    For the last2 years I have learned that everything I was taught my whole life was a lie. I have been searching for truth ever since. Eye opening show!

  17. John Carter (verified owner)

    You could have done 6 hours on this topic and I’d still have my hand raised with more questions! Looking forward to part 2, and a glass of those healing waters! <3

  18. Giulia Maturi (verified owner)

    Went straight from watching Mount Meru to this video — sooo much information to consider/process! My feeling is that what is being shared here is literally just the ‘tip of the iceberg’! I once knew an older gentleman (ex Navy) that used to share that he was once stationed at the ‘North Pole’ and helped build ‘missile detection radar stations’. When I started waking up to world events, it dawned on me that perhaps he wasn’t stationed in the North Pole, but actually in the ‘South Pole’ (my feeling is that the ‘higher ups’ kept their own men ‘in the dark’ or that he changed the story for non-disclosure reasons, at the time). There is a lot more to the story, but I’ll leave it at that, for now. Thank you, once again, JC, Janine and Julie: You are all, by far, my favourites — loving these videos! ♥ ♥ ♥ — Giulietta

  19. palmspringsanita (verified owner)

    Gosh, so much more to learn! I went through 16 yrs of Catholic schools and had some challenges, but mostly OK. Then started catching alternative videos decoding 17. It is a re-educational process preparing us for so many possibilities and is amazing how so much has been hidden from us. As always, Thank You! 🙂

  20. penny hummerston (verified owner)

    Hi guys. Fascinating . Loved finding out all these things. Love how you 3 work together seamlessly. I had a dream of being walked down a corridor by a young man human he was wearing a beige uniform with a dark cap on his head.He had a strap over his body with a gun I saw lifts on the left and a Reptilian appeared. I looked up. The soldier told me to keep quiet and then punctured my neck with a needle But it was like a thick tube. I then remember a wall with a tunnel underneath it. Their were reptilians stationed along the wall with heavy duty guns. I heard a voice say run into the tunnel ( which I think must have been some sort of Portal) and I did. The reptilians didn’t see me. I don’t remember anymore. I don’t know if that was Antarctica . I have only ever told one person about this. I wish I had remembered more. I knew our weather was being manipulated. I read the Celestine prophase’s by James red field. And of the machine trying to get into the spirit world. I have always felt that machine was the Hadron Collider in Switzerland. But they are everywhere and maybe the main one is in Antarctica . And manipulating our weather .Thank you for all you do 💚💚💚

  21. Sally Whitehead (verified owner)

    Loved this and all the others! Great job. I love you all.

  22. Bennie McTier (verified owner)

    Getting closer to the truth. This episode is worth the $.

  23. Dorina (verified owner)

    Wow lots to take in. The thing JC said about water having memory made me think about the line I Olaf said in the movie Frozen about water has memory. They put it in our face…Boom! Love this Keep bringing it!

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