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… Shocking secrets revealed!

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Installations and location

  • Why did they choose this location to build the Vatican?

  • Is the architecture of Vatican a power plant? A way to harvest our energy?’

  • Is there a portal in there or entry points into Inner Earth?

  • What’s hidden in the underground?

  • Are there rooms especially designed for child sacrifice?

  • Is there an underground connexion between the Vatican and other legislative buildings around the world?

  • Is there a link between the Medusa Vase in Vatican and the Medusa sculptures in Winnipeg?

Secret Archives

  • What’s so secret about the Vatican Secret Archives? Is it revealing information about the Jesus bloodline?
  • Is there information kept secret about deals with aliens in the Secret Archives?Revealing the real name of God?
  • Is there documents about our real history and relationship to different ET races in the Secret Archives?
  • Are there documents originally from the Library of Alexandria kept hidden from the public?
  • Are there ET artefacts and spaceships stored in Vatican?

ET connexions

  • The Vatican Bank got suddenly rich after WWII – is that because of a deal between the Reptilians, the Nazis and the Vatican ?
  • Are there ET bases underneath Vatican?
  • Why were elongated skulls found underneath Vatican? How did they get there? 
  • Is the Necropolis underneath Vatican keeping nefarious ET physical or light bodies in stasis? Sort of how we found Mount Meru was keeping light bodies for Earth souls? 
  • Was the Mystery of Fatima in fact a message from ETs to the three kids – and then censored by the Church?

Nefarious Agendas

  • Is the Vatican feeding children for human trafficking to nefarious ETs? 
  • What is the Pontifical Academy of Sciences working on? They are said to study astronomy – could they be using astrological alignments to siphon off energy and use it for black magic?
  • Is Satan actually in Vatican?
  • Roe vs Wade connexion to Vatican?

  • Vatican holding titles, deeds and contracts / Digital ID en behalf of another ET entity?


  • Are they hiding the “Chronovisor” – A technology to see into the past?
  • Is there a Time Travel device in Vatican?
  • Are they working on inverted Tesla technology in Vatican?

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  1. jc (verified owner)

    holy wow!

  2. Laura Simmons (verified owner)

    Excellent show confirming that the Vatican is/was as dark as I thought!

  3. Definitely_Summer (verified owner)

    I’ve never seen Janine pull so many aces before! I’ve wanted to get into the Vatican archives for decades, now, to find out what they were keeping from us. People have always said I was nuts for saying it and wanting to do that! Wow, it’s really going to shake the world up when this stuff comes out in the open. I can’t decide if having crazy conspiracy theories proven true is a good thing or a bad thing? Wowww you guys. This whole series has been really helpful and sometimes strange–but I love following along with these discoveries into our world and into our own selves as well. Thank you!

  4. Karen Schaaf (verified owner)

    Having been raised Catholic, I am disgusted with what the church really is. I had heard many years ago that the Catholic Church would fall, and I could not how that would come about. Knowing what you all have exposed in today’s session, the sooner the better.

  5. Amy Park (verified owner)

    This was mind-blowing! Yikes. My husband and I attended midnight mass at the Vatican on Christmas Eve in 1998.. We’re not Catholic (I grew up non-Mormon in Utah so have always been pretty adverse to any organized religion), but I studied art history in college and was incredibly excited to have the experience. About half-way through the mass I got super nauseous and hot…something definitely felt “off” and I couldn’t get out of there fast enough! It totally makes sense why now. So many bizarre experiences are finally making more sense since I began waking up after a NDE in 2019. Thank you all for the work you do…you’re amazing!

  6. Dorothy Wilson (verified owner)

    Thank you …. It was informative…

  7. Dorina (verified owner)

    This just confirms what I have heard about the Vatican having info about everyone’s origin and where and who we are. Wow !

  8. Suzanne Wilson (verified owner)

    Wow indeed. I heard a lot about what is down there from shows on Gaia, but this episode went down another rabbit hole. The contracts were a new nugget for me. I have to digest that for awhile. There have been so many helping free us from this bondage. My eternal thanks to The Galactic Federation of Light, the Earth Alliance, TLS, the military, and every truther helping raise awareness. We WILL be free! I hated History in school. Now that I hear TRUTH, I can’t get enough. 👩‍🏫🕵️‍♀️📚

  9. Teresa Gregory (verified owner)

    From cone-heads to digital deeds and contracts (even of marriage records!), It’s hard to imagine how enslaved we were. I’m very grateful to learn the truth. It took me over two decades to deprogram from the Mormon church. I imagine the people who are learning the truth about the Catholic – or any other religion – are probably just as shocked as I am. I feel bad for people who are going to be hit with this truth all at once… they’re going to cry!
    All of you put this together so well. Thank you!

  10. Teresa Haines (verified owner)

    Wonderful show! About 8 years ago I was in Rome and did the Vatican Scavi
    ( necropolis) “ tour” with my mother..advanced approval and tickets required for entry. I believe there are a small number of people let in each day…very odd. The Swiss guard is at the entrance and you need to be there at a certain time, very intimidating. Once inside the dark “ chamber” VERY CREEPY. The bones of St. Peter are allegedly kept there in a dark hole in the wall encased in plexiglass with a very dim light to see a “ bone fragment”. Also there is a section where all of the previous Popes are buried in crypts. I have to say this “ tour” and the Scavi was one of the worst feelings I have ever had in my 61 years. There was an overwhelming sense of evil in that area, and we both could not wait to get out. Thank you for all of your wonderful research and shows Jean Claude/ Janine / Julie.

  11. Debra M Allen (verified owner)

    magnificent! aces and info and shock! watch this now!!!!! Love this!!!

  12. James Mulkey (verified owner)

    Wonderfully insightful discussion. You ploughed new ground of discovery for me with this one. God bless.

  13. palmspringsanita (verified owner)

    Great Show & love the paid reviews! Fantastic questions too!, especially regarding Roe vs Wade, Alexandria library and Fatima. Found everything very interesting and don’t doubt your readings. You are 3 wonderful humans seeking truth and a better world.
    I went mostly to Catholic Schools including college; going to the public schools in summer…then worked only in the secular world. Most of my Catholic school experiences were not too bad. Also visited the Vatican when I was just 8 years old. I did not find anything really different in the Catholic world in comparison to the non-Catholic world. There were both good and bad people, but often within the Catholic structure the few good ones seemed really good and selfless.
    My husband works in a Catholic University in Europe that is directly tied to the Vatican. Although he does not buy into the Catholic religion, does not notice anything nefarious, just the usual political hierarchical structures that you find in all large organizations.
    Devout Catholics such as “Church Militant (the Vortex)” are working hard to expose the evils within the Catholic Church. The depth of the evil you are talking about must be at such a high level that a peon like me would never see a glimpse.
    Have a number of Hindu friends including my former boss who studies ancient Sanskrit and follows Yogananda. He tells me understanding God is much like an ant walking on an elephant. To the ant walking on the ear, the ear is the elephant vs the ant walking on the tail where it thinks the tail is the elephant. We only are exposed to a vert small part of vast truth.
    Am kind of curious about the Catholic Opus Dei group? They seem to have great careers with lots of affluence. Airports: have heard that the Denver airport is really evil too! Sorry this is long but had tell you that my Catholic experiences were not all bad.

  14. Eric Stransky (verified owner)

    Wow, wow, wow…..unbelievable information in this amazing, but challenging to digest special report. JC, Janine, and Julie do an absolutely amazing job at getting to the heart of information, very succinctly. Outstanding work!! 🙏🏼💙💙💙

  15. Mrs. Ulrika Persson (verified owner)

    For almost 3 years now I have digested so much intel from the truthers community and didn’t think that I could be mindblowned again. But hey…. I was so wrong. My god what a deep dive you guys did here. And as other already have written, I have never ever seen so many aces before in any show! It will be devastating for so many people that are in the fog when this comes out.

  16. SELINA ARTHUR (verified owner)

    wow thanks are so dark

  17. Janette (verified owner)

    Wow, incredible finds, and confirmations! You guys the best investigative team now ! It’s very sad information about what was done to humans for ages, but we need to know to understand what we were against up , thanks !💖

  18. Carla Rieger (verified owner)

    Excellent investigation. It would also be interesting to see you investigate the Isle of Avalon, where it was located, what it was about, etc. Some say its where Glastonbury is today or the Isle of Man. But there is evidence it was at the top of the world – the four islands – and that it’s coming back out of the mist once the Golden Age starts again. Apparently there is evidence of this fact at the Vatican along with evidence that King Arthur has been in a stasis chamber awaiting this time in history to ‘wake up’. Thanks for all you do 🙂

  19. Robin (verified owner)

    insightful, informative, well researched and enjoyable to listen to. thank you Janine, Julie and JC.

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