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Location / History 

  • Was it built with good intentions towards humans?
  • Were there ET involved with this Oracle? If so, how were they involved?
  • What’s specific about this location where the Oracle of Delphi was built?
  • How was the temple destroyed? Was it the Christians or was it a natural cataclysm?
  • What did they deem dangerous about the Oracle of Delphi to have it destroyed?

 The Oracle

  • People from all over ancient Greece travelled to ask their questions to the Oracle of Delphi. The Pagans said it was Gaia manifesting herself through the Oracle, and later the Greeks said it was Apollo. What or who was channeled there?
  • When were only women chosen to be priestesses?
  • Was it true that those women priestesses had to be virgins?
  • Were they bare-breasted women like we see in some Ancient Greek drawings? If so, what was the energetical purpose of it?
  • How were these priestesses trained to become the “pythia”, the Oracle?
  • Some historians say the Pythia was sitting upon a fault in the rocks beneath her that emanated fumes from a sacred spring, inducing her into a trance – is this true?

 Predicting the Future

  •  Why were the prediction given by the Oracle cryptic and subject to different interpretations? Was it to teach people to follow their own intuition?
  • Were they using the prophecies to create alternative timelines to people and empires?
  • Were the Tarot cards invented before or after the Oracle of Delphi (which is believed to have been built 1400 BC)? Is there a relationship between the two?
  • Is the Oracle of Delphi coming back into our awareness now to make us realize we all have this superpower of being an oracle?

The Delphic Commandments

  • “There is a season for everything” – Were they using Astrology at the Oracle of Delphi?
  • If so, what was it used for?
  • “Know Thyself” – Was the goal of the oracle to help people develop their own intuition and guidance?


  • Why is it important to learn more about the Oracle of Delphi now? Is there a karmic completion of some sort?
  • Were some of the Beyond Mystic viewers past priestesses at the oracle?

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  1. jc (verified owner)


  2. Sheila Messmer (verified owner)

    So much more to the Oracle at Delphi than I ever thought. So interesting. Definitely recommend this one. Thanks! Janine, Jean Claude and Julie.

  3. Alesha Bingham (verified owner)

    So many coorelations with Simulation Theory to explain the shifts! Also, the term “virgin” might have meant something different back then….

  4. Lydia Fontana (verified owner)

    I went to Delphi in 2000. I had a deja vu and felt like I had been there before. I didn’t feel any strange energy but I wasn’t looking for it either while I was there. My trip to Greece back in 2000 was very strange. I had an overwhelming feeling of depression and cried a lot. As soon as my plane lifted off as I left, I felt that extreme sadness and depression lift. I’ve never had that feeling again and when I returned to Greece again in 2015 I didn’t feel anything. Very odd.

  5. Sally Whitehead (verified owner)

    Wow, another great one. I love the questions you ask.

  6. Karen Napper (verified owner)

    So exciting. Never heard of the Oracle of Delphi. So much to learn. Thank you Janine, Julie and JC.💖

  7. ddonaho (verified owner)

    It felt like I was in a graduate course! Had never heard of the oracles of Delphi, ever! What a delightful hour I just spent.

  8. Definitely_Summer (verified owner)

    That was pretty interesting–thank you guys! Seems like our Beyond Mystic audience really is one huge Spirit Tribe–that keeps reconnecting, through whichever dimensions–and at crucial times–throughout humanity’s evolution! So many of these deep dives (and the weekly live shows) are pointing to the idea that we are meant to be in this together, so we keep finding each other! Can’t wait for the next video! Big love to all!!

  9. Samantha Orosco (verified owner)

    Awesome video you three!! I had a past life reading years ago and was informed that I had been an Oracle at Delphi. So when I saw this video title, I was automatically drawn to wanting to watch it. I feel like the card pulled at the end was another confirmation 😄. I love how you 3 and all of us are so connected every time Janine pulls cards. Love you three! Thank you for all of these amazing videos 💚 and now the Beyond Mystic Academy 🎉😀

  10. penny hummerston (verified owner)

    Penny Hummerston (verified Owner). Love this so much. Really resonated. Also I am reading the Sophia code. I believe it is all tied in. Must try to find out the name of the tarot deck of that beautiful justice card. Thank you again for an amazing video💚💚💚

  11. Teresa Gregory (verified owner)

    The ‘gasses’ and channeling part was very familiar to me for some strange reason. It was like déjà vu yet I had never even heard of this place before. I’ll be studying more on it.
    It just blows me away how much history we were never taught and how we were programmed to believe so many things were bad for us to do. Thank you for helping me out of this programming. It’s been a slow process the last few years and every time I think about how things need to go faster in the world and that everyone needs to know the truth ‘right now’ then at the same time I think about those who are still programmed and how our creator is still patient with them and how we must be patient with them.
    Ivery much appreciate that the three of you care about us and want to help us through all this. It’s a lot of work you do in our behalf.
    Thank you so much!

  12. Mrs. Ulrika Persson (verified owner)

    What a amazing show this was. Just WOW!!! I think that these deep dives are so important for all of us because they trigger and awakened dormant memories. So keep going guys and I will absolutely purchase all of them. Love to you all!

  13. Karin Bisschops (verified owner)

    I was there back in 1990… And I felt the extreme energy in that place. When I looked at the mountain where the women received the oracles, I got in trance and got my own Oracle: I would have another job at the end of the year.. that happened..without me searching for IT.
    IT is an amazing place.

  14. Julie Thompson (verified owner)

    Much more in depth information than I thought would be discussed. When it was mentioned that many of the viewers were more than likely incarnates that experienced that timeline, I yelled out “Exactly Right!”

  15. Brian Bidiuk (verified owner)

    Amazing! I was wondering how to connect with you 3, I’ll refer to you 3 as ‘Triple J’, about this very topic of sacred sites being recaptured by the ‘Lightwarriors’. I’ve been following for probably ten years disclosurenews.it and this Lev dude has incredible news daily almost. He talks about Lightwarriors, highly Spiritually advanced humans as ground teams going around the planet continuously for years now replacing negative energies with positive by doing highly spiritual activities (sometimes placing crystals) which some of these members have gone through some powerfully physically painful adventures. Apparently there are many types of Alliance teams doing various types of positive work on this planet, some known to each other, some not.
    I encourage you to check out Lev and Dr.Shavi and the whole website of disclosurenews.it They’ve been around a long time and were a big help to me after my Awakening. Amazing information there to be researched. I’ve been following Janine for just over a year and now because she continuously turns over cards discovering what Lev just previously told a story about. Gotta love the confirmations.
    With much love and respect, Brian Bidiuk, Whitehorse Yukon.

  16. Linda White (verified owner)

    Wow you answered and validated my understanding of Delphi. My house no is 3 so when you walk up my path you see a wooden E in the centre of my arbor which was made to Delphic proportion. So as I step into the world I need to ‘know thyself’ I have always thought I was at Delphi and went goosebumpey when you mentioned it. Brilliant show Loved it and thankyou.

  17. Linda White (verified owner)

    Brilliant show Loved it and thankyou. I also have known I was at Delphi. All kindred spirits. Blessings

  18. Jeeva Beckett (verified owner)

    Very interesting thank you guys! X

  19. Erin Hale (verified owner)

    My whole life ancient secrets and knowledge have been my passion, I wanted to be an archeologist so much as a little kid. Until I learned of the RULES in my mind the rules should always be the same – don’t break anything and don’t make up stories but use your imagination in a theory sense. Well a half a century has gone by and I would say there is so much useless knowledge of the olden days in my head. Now it’s not useless anymore, people actually are curious and though I have no answers I have a knowing of where they might start when interested in their past lives or why Their beliefs are different etc. It’s a weird thing that I’ve learned to trust and hasn’t been incorrect so far. This community has many many old souls that have the knowing of literally everything. Y’all are the alarm clock yelling at us to wake up and act like you all the yous, quite astonishing. Oxox

  20. palmspringsanita (verified owner)

    Always interesting touring world mysteries with the three of you. Gina Phillips, a Christian who deprograms MK Ultra victims, explained what she knew about the Oracle of Delphi. She thought was that it was Satanic and that a poisonous gas was coming out of the ground. This opens a question? Maybe it was good and pure when it was connected to “Source.” Then little by little the demonic cabal entities infiltrated (as they do to many things that have good origins) and changed it from “Source” to “Apollo.” Just a thought to explain the difference in viewpoints. Thanks again for opening the mind to infinite possibilities. The Awakening process is a mind expander 🙂

  21. Shawna Meharg (verified owner)

    Loved this episode. I hope one day our past lives will be fully known to us. I feel drawn to so many of these episodes. Fascinating. ✨🤍✨

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