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Jim Willie Uncensored E19 05-24-23

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    • Fence to be stomped down by a stampede of horses!
    • ALL vectors lead to the END GAME!
    • Dumping of treasury bonds in accelerated race!
    • USA Treasury already 400 billion OVER debt limit!
    • MORE Bank failures!
    • Project Sandman on Steroids
    • COMEX and LBMA to become irrelevant
    • GOLD price to be lead by multi-node system
    • FED is exporting inflation in foreign currency swaps that end up in GOLD purchases.
    • Conference updates on 400$ silver and 10 000$ gold price fixing…its much higher now after COVID
    • Hospitals Closing – And New Med Beds!
    • Cancelling the Biden show!  COG in effect!
    • Guam Military Base – Goodbye to prisoners…
    • XRP moving forward in multi-note trade settlement payments
    • BITCOIN’s Role in new settlement systems – RE Rob Kirby & Clif High?
    • ⚠️ Special NoteS  ⚠️

  • 🙏 GRATITUDE!  In 2020, Beyond Mystic was censored, demonetized and terminated by Youtube. As a result, our content is now 100% viewer funded. Thank you for supporting the show & helping to combat Censorship & Economic Warfare against content producers! Your contribution is VERY much appreciated!

2 reviews for Jim Willie Uncensored E19 05-24-23

  1. Laura Cutler (verified owner)

    Great show!

  2. Monika Reynolds (verified owner)

    I donated $200 AUD dollars so converted to US dollars was about $300 @ the time to Jim about a year ago. Not sue if the money even got to him. It was done through his website. If Jim did receive the donation a thank you would have been appreciated

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