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Tarot Readings By Janine; Uncensored #28


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146 reviews for Tarot Readings By Janine; Uncensored #28

  1. Karen Dees (verified owner)

    Love the content but there should be a LINK within body of the receipt to view
    You should not have to exit and sign in on beyond mystic.net

  2. Marija Cirkovic (verified owner)

    Awesome show

  3. Adriana Gibson (verified owner)

    I was just about to get off the train….. thank you for helping me regroup and re think.

  4. KEMURPH1234 (verified owner)

    Great job! Love the humor 😘

  5. KEMURPH1234 (verified owner)

    Great job! Love the humor 😘

  6. Julia Whalen (verified owner)

    excellent, as always! Thank you!

  7. ILONA PASSINO (verified owner)


  8. A Evans (verified owner)

    Always a joy to see JC and Janine!

  9. Mandee (verified owner)

    Great show!!!!

  10. Sandy Hill (verified owner)

    Loved your Show ❤

  11. Nanette Campbell (verified owner)

    I loved it. Thank you for all you do! Sorry you had the technical issues.

  12. vicki ansermet (verified owner)

    excellent show!!! Fast-paced, great energy, lots of content!!!

  13. MaryEllen Bashaw (verified owner)

    I love you guys to the Moon and back…possibly farther. I really really really wish for Christmas to have a 3-5 payment plan for the insider access pass. Much Love!

  14. Barbara Drayton (verified owner)

    You’re making a very confusing and stomach roiling time fun 😀

  15. Danielle Ibsen (verified owner)

    Great show! Loved the clarity of thought on some of the disappointments we were feeling after the speech last night. Also, agree Janine, didn’t look like Turdo at all… 🧐

  16. Mario Willard (verified owner)

    Good show

  17. Lawrence Anthony (verified owner)

    All your episodes are amazing !!!🌸🌼😊🙏💕

  18. Janet Carlson (verified owner)

    Love you both dearly! Grateful and blessed to be in your audience. Sending massive love and blessings of peace🙏✨🕯

  19. William Raisch (verified owner)

    We love you guys but the technical difficulties are quite annoying! Not sure what was going on, but it looked like you got it cleared up towards the end.


    Bill & Nicki Raisch

  20. Sandra LaPrade (verified owner)

    I love the shows. Janine was right on last night according to comms I have seen today.

  21. Lynn Janes (verified owner)

    Thanks – I am all disconbuberated also —

  22. Nicolette Yiannakis (verified owner)

    Thank you Janine & JC! If it wasn’t for this show, I would be in extreme panic over what’s going on. The content is on the mark and covers all angles. You can’t get this info from anywhere else. Love you guys!

  23. Margaret (verified owner)


  24. Cynthia Kater (verified owner)

    Amazing as always! Thanks for the laughs as well❤️

  25. LEO BOUCHER (verified owner)


  26. Debra Smith (verified owner)

    Wow, I am so glad that I found you both. AMAZING information from Janine and amazing organization by Jean-Claude. I am a new life-time fan. Thank you both for your brave and historical insights.

  27. Ddmason1 (verified owner)

    This show was supporting what Clif High was saying in his latest podcast. We have officially entered the big ugly and now we are going to be getting gut punch after gut punch. We are in exciting times for humanity.

  28. Julius dANIELS (verified owner)

    I have reclaimed my thoughts. Somehow I got some extra…. Maybe those are yours?

  29. Wanda Frankhauser (verified owner)

    Great show.

  30. sallyzk (verified owner)

    You 2 do a great job tapping into our feelings and giving us some clarity which gives us hope. Thank you!

  31. Vegagir11 (verified owner)

    Thank you for another great episode and everything you both do. Much love. -Larissa

  32. William Calvert (verified owner)

    I’m a 73 year old guy and very seldom do I comment on anything but tonight felt compelled to do it. I loved the show and am amazed at your ability to recover from tech difficulties. Yours and Janine’s compatibility and insights into just about everything pertinent to the show topic are incredible and invaluable. Thanks for keeping us peons in this little corner of the world educated and informed…

  33. Beverly Maitland (verified owner)

    Great show tonight. Love your insight into what is going on with this crazy world. Watching your show really boosts my morale. I was pretty upset with the Trump speech last evening but you guys have provided lots of information and decode into what’s is going on. JC and Janine you two are the best and I love your humor. Laughter is the best medicine. Thank you both.

  34. Karen Napper (verified owner)

    So many glitches, lol. Excellent show, thanks so much JC and Janine.💖
    I certainly have egg on my face today. I easy livid last night. Just wanted more so we could be done with it. So now I will stay calm, no knee jerk reactions. Tad nervous about all this happening before Christmas. Just want to have fun with my family.

  35. Daniel Page (verified owner)

    The beyond mystic team is beyond 5 starts it’s the perfect show !

  36. Rene Smolarchuk (verified owner)

    I love your humor and insight.
    Please take care of yourselves with this unusual energy.
    P.S. Is there any way you can make the screen bigger so we can read the stuff you put up.
    Thank you Light and Love to all.

  37. Dianne Burnett (verified owner)

    Other than entering freeze zone a few times, really enjoyed the show. Would like to hear a bit more about Canada as the dynamics are very strange, people are angry…the whole rhetoric about covid and the new “triple threat” illness starting up again. In Canada it seems they are using kid’s as a way to get more people vacinnated not just for covid but now flu. Love you guys 🙏

  38. Burtoncat1 (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved the content and the clarity that comes from your videos. I also love the “Community” / “Family” atmosphere that is present in all of the streams from Beyond Mystic and the Tarot by Janine. You make me feel “stronger” – better prepared both physically and emotionally to get through all of the crap that we have had to endure. Thanks for all of your team efforts and Thank God for all of you . Cathy Burton

  39. Gloria Jarrell (verified owner)

    Great Show

  40. Sonja Archer (verified owner)

    Great show and very interesting decode! You come up with a lot of challenging thoughts and info Jean Claude. Both of you have great minds and make us think, thank you!

  41. Joyce Rideout (verified owner)

    Love you guys from NEWFOUNDLAND ❤️

  42. Donna Evans (verified owner)

    I loved this thank you for your hard, hard work … DevaLee

  43. Jeanette Hoard (verified owner)

    Lots of great and well presented info. I loved your ending with “reclaiming my thoughts”; it really made me laugh too! The only detraction was the interruption of the internet, which wasn’t your fault. It really helped my attitude after last night’s speech as it helped explain many things I wouldn’t have discovered. Thanks for all you do for us.

  44. Clare Marie Allen (verified owner)

    Another great show! Love you JC & Janine!!

  45. elena grant (verified owner)

    As always, who cares that you do it on the fly, that makes me love u more❤️❤️❤️

  46. Amars (verified owner)

    Great show as always. Thanks for powering thru shaky internet. Y’all are true professionals. Glad we were laughing today

  47. Elizabeth Wallace (verified owner)

    I would be curious to know about the flags behind Trump – placement and were they fringed? Otherwise awesome show.

  48. Barbara Schlueter (verified owner)

    As always enjoyed the video. Calm presentation of the situation.

  49. MaryHub (verified owner)

    Hi y’all, love the shows. They touch so many bases that at times I didn’t even know I wanted to hear about it. Great intel. Always appreciated. Cheers!!!

  50. Susan Prowell (verified owner)

    Jean Claude and Janine – thank you so much for your PPV last night (15th) and tonight. JC you are a brilliant host – you tune into the questions that are right at the leading edge of everything that is happening and that is unbelievable due to the immense amount of happenings. It does seem that the whole situation in the US has gone to a new level with the election and the blatant, in your face fraud all over again (2020 & 2022). Thank you both so much, as I too was very very disappointed when I listened to the Trump speech last night – but all you said made so much sense about there being various ways that could have gone, but they chose that at the last minute. One thing about Juan O Savin, whoever he really is, is that he has said it’s a game of chess with the deep state. The white hats make decisions based on the plays the DS make, and so there are various possibilities all along the way, but only the desired end game is known – each step depends on the plays made as it goes along. I can see with the great decode you brought up (D3Code Podcast) that there was so much in that announcement that is not apparent on the surface, but that things are really heating up towards the latter part of this (very exhausting to us all) game. It is Psy-op vs. psy-op non-stop, and you both are so helpful in retrieving me from sinking in the hole of doubt/sadness/despair which is just waiting to swallow up us Patriot Truther seekers. This was a GREAT show, even better than the great show last night as we had so much mystery before us last night. This is only because you both put SO MUCH work in today to put together the right questions, and find the data from various sources to find answers, and then put everything together, step by step, giving a whole new perspective to it all. Now it is making MUCH more sense in a positive way- but ONLY because of your brilliant work to ask the right questions, tune into various truthers with answers, and coordinating it all with the assistance of Janine’s answers-in-real-time unique card reading ability intel. (I would not trust anyone else in that realm (tarot) but Janine you are such a great asset as you honestly seek the truth, and have the gift most do not). Sorry, didn’t mean to go on and on, but you really made me feel SO much better and like I retrieved some of my sanity – it’s been a loooong road for many of us. I have one request – where can we write to you (email) to ask a question we hope you will address? I have one that no one seems to have answered about Trump, which I would like to ask, and you can decide if you want to address it… Thank you both!

  51. Chris Benitez (verified owner)

    great episode, always testing my tarot skills as the show goes on.

  52. Carol Breitkopf (verified owner)

    great show

  53. Kathleen Manning (verified owner)

    Good stuff, Janine and JC. More like this please.

  54. Susan Huffman (verified owner)

    Excellent information. I love the interaction between You two; so like the warmth between siblings!

  55. Susan brissett (verified owner)

    To my soul brother and sister, JC and JANINE you are always reassuring and warriors to the truth cause. We are at the LAST LEG, AND THE MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH, so it is. BLESSINGS TO YOU BOTH. You both deserve more than 5 stars. 🙏🏿❤️🙏🏿

  56. Fred Hamon (verified owner)

    You gave a lot of clarity on the Trump announcement. I have seen several things that point to White Hats showing weaknes and daring the bad boys to strike.

  57. Deanna (verified owner)

    Great show, as ALWAYS! So grateful to all of you🙏🙌😍

  58. Helen Fryday (verified owner)

    Thank you , FCB is great , I have been following him for two years . He and I are in Aust . Much love Helen Fryday .

  59. Jere Coulter (verified owner)

    Great Info

  60. Joe Gavazzi (verified owner)

    Brilliant, you helped reclaimed my thoughts

  61. Deborah Stanfield (verified owner)

    I love the show and seeing the two of you.There is so much info runningng rampid

  62. Alexandra van Bergen (verified owner)

    Excellent show. The situation we find ourselves in at this moment is very ethereal.
    Those of us that have spent a large portion of our lives pursuing the metaphysical aspects of who, what, where we are are better suited to deal with that other world
    as the veil lifts as well as assist those that are kind of lost in the crossover which seemed to go back and forth in a more solid way for the last few years. This is no longer the case and I can see JC’s questions becoming deeper, more feminine intuitive (which follows curves to truth rather than a straight line) I believe you all refer to that as woowier?! I am a member of Janine’s channel and have followed you both for some time. Thank You for what you are doing and Love to all of you!

  63. ken snell (verified owner)

    so great not to have sensorship ,wish i could afford the year pass I suscribe to janein’s channel,really enjoy ,J.C.,Sophi and Julie love to all

  64. ken snell (verified owner)

    so great not to have sensorship ,wish i could afford the year pass I suscribe to janein’s channel,really enjoy ,J.C.,Sophi and Julie love to all

  65. Lisha DENNY (verified owner)

    Fantastic show all around. Love the natural real world banter while giving us hard hitting information at the same time. We all have to stick together…things are just testing good!! Thank you for asking the questions on everyone’s mind and giving great perspective through cards and interaction!
    Love you guys❤️😉❤️

  66. Holly Millard (verified owner)

    You both are very informative and it is a relief to have some assurance in a very scary/strange time. It was sad that the internet gave you hassles though.
    I enjoy listening because I usually already think the direction you go in and it is so reassuring to hear it from you both. You also clarify things when I am confused.

  67. jolene (verified owner)

    What comes through you (both) during these episodes is beautiful, even if there are glitches in internet or whatever. Part of the inherent beauty is the spontaneity (even with your hard work in the background). In service to humanity, things flow on both ends. Your humor, care and intelligent perspectives are well received in all ways. From this end, it’s raw, feels good and feels like family.

  68. Blanche Rutherford (verified owner)

    I am resonating with the info of the Australian’s video, and the both of you have confirmed this to me over and over on your program tonight. I am so excited about this end game, and grateful for JC and Janines’ input on this show. You two are so valuable to us at this time. At first glance the election was a downer for all of us, but with the work that you two do to bring us clarity is invaluable. I am over the moon to hear this is a domino effect and Canada’s Govt. will be next! I am going to party hard!

  69. Burtoncat1 (verified owner)

    JC – I just wanted to add to my earlier review that your sense of humor cracks me up – and makes the entire shitshow easier to digest. Speaking of which – I have had a “gut ache” for days now and it’s not a medical situation – more of an “atmospheric” or “environmental” alert for me. Hopefully this gets resolved soon. Many thanks.

  70. Tbyby (verified owner)

    Excellent show, great tap dance with technology JC . “All” of the points that have concerned me in the past week were covered in the authentic style I have come to expect from yourself and of course Janine, thank you both so much for all you do, Tom from Texas !

  71. Kim Donaldson (verified owner)

    On the Mark as always! Excellent examples to us All. As you both beautifully maintain Integrity, transparency, Honesty along with present moment awareness, Highly accurate intuitive insights & down loads. Oh! & your Humour in delivery JC, truly takes the cake! Delish!! has us coming back for 2nds. . . Greatly Appreciate during these transitioning times/ merging timelines ETC. . .

  72. Kay B Norman (verified owner)

    Great update. I knew you would have some interesting news around the Trump speech.

  73. Cynthia Walton (verified owner)

    Hi guys, FCB’s channel has been taken down….video is no longer available. Great decoding from all. Trust the plan..WWG1WGA

  74. Ted LaDuca (verified owner)

    Thank you for your insights! Glad Janine is back onboard…and great show inspite of the glitches Jean-Claude

  75. John Carter (verified owner)

    So the Aussie guy lost his you tube channel for his remarks yesterday! I did find that show on rumble, fortunately. Janine and JC you always have a hi-vibe, and when there were a few technical glitches it was kind of funny to see JC frozen and Janine saying “can you hear me?” Anyway it’s all good, and your show is all good, in all ways!

  76. JACQUELINE FAIELLA (verified owner)

    Amazin energy. Raising vibration, frequency. You are both the real deal. Much love, light, respect and gratitude. You where both chosen for this GALACTIC, BIBLICAL MISSION 😊♥️🥰

  77. Jenny Capella (verified owner)

    I love watching these PPV shows. They deliver!! Love you both.

  78. Justin Wiley (verified owner)

    Great breakdown JC and Janine! So needed right now! You did an excellent job reminding us to hold the line and that we’re right on track! Thank you so much!

  79. Linda Clarke (verified owner)

    Loved your show on 11/16 .. your hard work pays off for me every time!! I love your encouragement & humor & you’re so easy to relate to. I’m glad to know I’m not alone with reflux & sleep issues. I love the videos you recommend & saw the one with Australian guy Janine posted on telegram! Thank you so much!! You’re The Absolute Best!! Much Love from So Calif!! 🤩😘💕 PS Saw you in Anaheim Janine & broke into tears to see the “Real You”. The line was too long to meet you but I’ll never forget the day I saw how beautiful you are inside and out! ❤️ You are both a Huge Blessing to me & many others!! 🥰

  80. Mary Rivas (verified owner)

    I love your insights and questions. Learning so much. But yesterday you did not cover the FTX debacle ! That was the main reason I purchased yesterday’s ppv. I am impressed how knowledgeable you are about US politics. Thank you both!

  81. Mark Woodrow (verified owner)

    Love ya always..from Mark in honeymoon bay b.c🇨🇦

  82. Karen Plumridge (verified owner)

    You have both put my mind at ease. Thank you both. Love you both..
    From Australia ❤️💕

  83. Janet Prushankin (verified owner)

    I love the warmth between you two, and how you are so real with us, that you’re not putting on airs, but letting us in to your inner circle. I believe most all of us would be in your all access insider group except that the last two years wiped us out financially- it’s gotten way worse than I ever dreamed, therefore I am praying that Nesara Gesara starts immediately!! Until then please keep doing the rumble shows and the pay for views. You guys are one of my first stops each day! Keep safe and keep well!! XOXO

  84. Javiera Lara-Faure (verified owner)

    Thank you both so much 🙌let’s keep hope alive 💖💖

  85. Judy Carey (verified owner)

    10 Stars. You and Janine have been a blessing through this whole ordeal. Thank you so much.

  86. Michael Maaskant (verified owner)

    Hi Janine, Jean Claude,
    Great sifting through a broad range of information and sources to put strands together to find some clarity on what we are going through….. appreciated.

  87. Peggy` Reynolds (verified owner)

    After having seen both of the videos, he talked about, they both really tied together all of this disjointed information. Creating so much more clarity and encouragement going forward, I feel that we will finally be moving forward in the disclosure and justice for these unbelievable criminals.

  88. Kay Nissen (verified owner)

    Going to bed tonight with peace of mind after viewing this episode. I feel like I’ve been living in the Twilight Zone – Experiencing Head Aches – Strange Dreams – People not remembering the conversation that we had the day before – Chem Trails above my home in the shape of X’s – I hope the SHOW ends SOON!

  89. Colleen O’Malley (verified owner)


  90. MARIA ANGELICA AGUDELO (verified owner)

    Hi Jean Claude and Janine,
    I just want to say thank you so much for your time, and all the effort you put in to these shows. I can really see and appreciate the hard work you put into it, but most of all all the love through which you do it all, it is so appreciated in these uncertain times! You have been many times for me an anchor and a light when all seemed confusing and moving so fast! Please know you are loved and appreciated and above all, don’t give up! So many look forward to your shows to have some clarity, yes, but most of all to see your friendly faces every day!
    Keep on keeping on friends!
    Maria Angelica

  91. Susann Vassallo (verified owner)

    Thank you so much to you both! Just love your shows… 💜🌸🐦

  92. Andrew Offord (verified owner)

    Hi JC, this was a really good show and I often see and feel you channeling during your shows. I’ve been waking up really tired the last week or so. Lots going on for us. Your show did a really good job of expressing where we are through the white hats smoke machine that seems to be turned up to 11 right now. I feel that the frustration many of us feel is because we desire clarity and it’s very easy to loose our way in thick fog. Your shows act like a beacon for us. But we must also turn up our own light at the same time.

  93. Julie Kingham (verified owner)

    Loved your show as I always do!
    I’m not getting off the train at all! I feel calm and collected and waiting for the movie to play out!
    Love you both ❤️💙🇦🇺

  94. jillian (verified owner)

    Hi jean Claude and Janine, I have loved all your shows, I can not get enough of your shows i always feel clam afterwards such great information. Love listing to you both. Jillian

  95. Charleen Lombard (verified owner)

    Thank you for constantly helping me reclaim my sanity on this roller coaster ride on this 3rd Rock from The Sun. Thanks again.

  96. Joanne Bowman (verified owner)

    I love your shows! You and Janine are my go to whenever events happen. I love your weekly shows, they keep me up to date with everything that’s happening and being said from other news sources. You guys always have great info. thank you so much for your light and love

  97. Christine Fuller (verified owner)

    Thanks so much for all the clarifications! That announcement threw us all for a loop. I have finally learned my lesson to not react but to mull it all over for a few days and then the picture becomes much clearer!

  98. Charley Hudson (verified owner)

    Love Jean Claude & Janine… and I think we all need to reclaim our thoughts some days lol, love you guys… you give us all hope when things seem chaotic ❤️

  99. Maria Harris (verified owner)

    Fantastic insights thank you both. Can we add a topic about what they are doing in hospitals. I believe they are doing DNR’s for everyone over 50. Is this worldwide. ?

  100. Karen Berry (verified owner)

    What would we all do without Janine & JC???
    – Karen (Australia)

  101. Robertico Jansen (verified owner)

    Hi guy,
    I love show, you tube take down because your are good..Decoding your 2 guys

  102. Marlene Sarich (verified owner)

    JC and Janine
    Thank you for what you do and getting the info out there. You make it easier to swallow and digest and sift through the BS
    Thanks again

  103. Angela Mann (verified owner)

    Always love your shows! You both are so genuine ❤️

  104. Laura Simmons (verified owner)

    Excellent show and I loved all of the topics presented. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  105. Jennifer DeOrnellas (verified owner)

    You both are amazing humans! I love and appreciate everything you do for us! I can’t just review one video because all are amazing 🤩

  106. Linda Smith (verified owner)

    I love that you confirmed what I’ve been thinking for two years. That we are on 2 different timelines and that they are bleeding into one another . Strange times indeed!

  107. Katkatgibson (verified owner)

    I love to listen to all the shows, thank you and keep on helping us all.
    We are one! :;)

  108. Chantal Pieterse (verified owner)

    Thank you so much again 🙏

  109. Ana Kneisler (verified owner)

    I am so glad you guys discussed the speech and stuff and after listening to your video I decided to get back on the train. I was disappointed that President Trump did not mention that he is still CIC but I see now. I’m glad you gave me clarity as to the timeline. No one can wait two more years before everything gets exposed, etc. no one.

  110. Susan Bamford (verified owner)

    Love all the Beyond Mystic family and so grateful you devote so much of your time and gifts to us, worth every penny!

  111. Denise Spennewyn (verified owner)

    Brilliant. I think things are about to happen. I live in UK and although we didn’t see Rishie and Justin talk to Zelenksy, your fellow countryman Mark Steyn (who has a show on GB News every night) played a clip of Rishie in Bali with Justin and …. Schwab (WEF)! Mark is really outing the elite to UK audiences! Thanks for what you do xxx

  112. Linda Daniels (verified owner)

    It appears to me that the mid terms were a test to see how effective they are at this point. Trump sounded tired and a little disappointed that it wasn’t better because it means they have to keep working. It also looks that it was agreed to give R a little win if Nancy would go away or they would keep embarrassing her husband.

  113. Vicki Wizniuk (verified owner)

    The YouTube video for that decode video was removed, but it is still up on Bitchute.

  114. Anastassia McNaul (verified owner)

    Love these PPV shows JC and Janine!!! Love the content, I really appreciate the time JC that you take to bring information from everywhere and you and Janine go over it, nice package deal ❤️ you guys are my news!!!! And, to top it off you both have the best sense of humor!!! I followed you guys on YouTube for the last year and a half and I will continue to do so here on the PPV, the rumble show on Thursdays and I am subscribed to Janine’s web site ❤️ much gratitude and love to you both!!!

  115. Elise Robinson (verified owner)

    A could not ask for more SHOW❤️🌲❤️
    We are all so sensitive to our Beloved duo and especially Janine’s family situation…Angels Among Us & Blessings from Reno, Nevada….

  116. Sergio Cervantes (verified owner)

    Shit was firee 🔥🔥🔥 keep up these good informative shows

  117. MoonLake (verified owner)

    Thank you for the great, positive readings, your positivity and humour, JC and Janine.

  118. Marie Boyce (verified owner)

    Just an FYI, those 2 women on either side of Nancy P. in that video are U.S. Marshals.

  119. Kari Jevne (verified owner)

    Great show as usual. You help us clear up a lot of unclear things. Greetings from Norway.

  120. jacqui gleason (verified owner)

    Always awesome & tuned-in — my FAVES !!! Thanks for going extra-long even with the glitches & all. The perfect content & conversation for all of us extra-sensitive awakened surveyors of the Alternate Reality. Love & Ravens from OKC

  121. Halla Mayhew (verified owner)

    This was fantastic! Content is on point, and I appreciate the positivity especially after Trump’s speech. I would love for you guys to cover (story breaking) the financial trail of the Biden’s family with regards to trafficking. Was the American taxpayer monies funding this? I ask because I told a friend that people need to be prepared to hear that perhaps our tax dollars where paying for crimes against children, etc. JC, a lot of times when you are talking about the US, you refer to it as if it’s your own home. I appreciate that. I have certainly learned that every nation is my neighbor, and all these good humans are my family. Bless.

  122. Kristine Nerbye (verified owner)

    You are amazing! Great intel and fantastic news coming. Have to reclaim my thougts before commenting any further 🙂

  123. Beverley Fulker (verified owner)

    love your videos! content made so much sense. You guys keep me sane! love you both. Lets ride the train til the very end xxxx

  124. GiGi (verified owner)

    What an awesome show!! You guys cover ALL the important topics right now and give us all such comfort. Today a lot more happened and I do feel things are accelerated now just as you said. Thank you both!!

  125. Sandra Watson (verified owner)

    Despite a whole load of glitches, you guys really held it together. The video was very informative and the humourous interludes were entertaining and much appreciated. But then when are your shows ever not like that? It’s always a real treat to sit down and watch one. Thank you for all you do. love and light.

  126. HOLLIS WOOD (verified owner)

    Loved the show!

  127. Denise Burrougjs (verified owner)

    Loved it ‼️I love you guys . I was a member but do to our lovely economy I can’t afford the membership ☹️ Thank you for offering the pay per view ✨❤️🙏🏼🇺🇸

  128. Armin Schumann (verified owner)

    Thank you for the insights and clarifications, great show as usual.

  129. Nina Hirsch (verified owner)

    Hit the mark as always.

  130. Carol Hamnett (verified owner)

    Love these videos, thank you

  131. Jeannie Garcia (verified owner)

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  132. LaserLady (verified owner)

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