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The Psychic Spies – Julian Assange Unredacted

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Show Topics:

  • Introduction & Why have we picked Julian Assange for this Psychic Spy Investigation?
  • First Psychic Impressions
  • Janine shares her intuitive insights as well as card tartot pulls on some of the most significant burning questions regarding Julian Assange what is true and not true regarding him? what is the real history?
  • Astrological Analysis & intutive insights by Meg, looking at Julian Assange Birth Chart as well as astrology of the historical time period.
  • Conclusion: What is Janine & Meg’s overall psychic findings?



2 reviews for The New Psychic Spies: Julian Assange

  1. GiGi (verified owner)

    Loved this!! You two are SO incredible together. Meg asked great questions and Janine never disappoints with her responses and card readings. Can’t wait to watch more of these 🙂

  2. Carol Breitkopf (verified owner)

    amazing video

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