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The Psychic Spies – Shakespeare Unredacted

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Show Topics:

  • Introduction & Why have we picked Saint-Germain for this Psychic Spy Investigation?
  • First Psychic Impressions
  • Janine shares her intuitive insights as well as card tartot pulls on some of the most significant burning questions regarding Saint-Germain what is true and not true regarding him? what is the real history?
  • Astrological Analysis & intutive insights by Meg, looking at Saint-Germain Birth Chart as well as astrology of the historical time period when he was alive
  • Conclusion: What is Janine & Meg’s overall psychic findings?



3 reviews for The New Psychic Spies: Saint-Germain

  1. Jenny Capella (verified owner)

    St. Germain is in the air! I just watched a podcaster interviewing a man who channels St. Germain. The podcaster, the man and St. Germain all seemed very real and down to earth. Just like various people were coming up with info about the Elohim at the same time. It seems that certain topics rise to the surface of humanity’s consciousness at the same time. adding clarity and weight to whatever the messages are. Also, Billy Carson has been talking about the Elohim and topics like this for a long time, so I also feel that these topics keep coming up for a reason, at different times. Thanks a lot. You two are great together!

  2. V See (verified owner)

    Great show but the moving banner non stop across the bottom is tacky.

  3. Catherine Booysen (verified owner)

    To Janine.. it is OKAY to acknowledge advanced beings and be thankful for their contribution to the world.. St Germain is behind Gesara, James Rink 3 hr doco goes into that in detail
    No one, least of all an advanced being such as this, is asking you to worship or bow down to them.. that is what low vibe overlords do, we’ve all established that fact

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