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The Psychic Spies – Caitlyn Jenner Unredacted


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Show Topics:


– Introduction & Why have we picked Caitlyn Jenner for this Psychic Spy Investigation?

– First Psychic Impressions of Caitlyn

– Sophie pulls Tarot/ Oracle cards on some of the most significant burning questions regarding Jenner .. including who is she really? is she controlled oppostion or a real freedom fighter? what does spirit want us to know about her and more!

– Astrological Analysis by Meg, looking at Caitlyn’s Birth Chart as well as current astrological transits

-Diving deeper into some lesser known subjects on Caitlyn’s personal life and legacy

– Conclusion: What is Sophie & Meg’s soul evaluation & overall psychic findings?

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5 reviews for The Psychic Spies – Caitlyn Jenner Unredacted

  1. Mette Christensen (verified owner)

    This one I found extremely interesting because I do feel that some are authentic in their transgender while others are influenced and manipulated into it to literally erase The divine feminine, the organic Solar Mother which I feel very strong about. I am glad though that I am keeping an open mind and use my discernment about it. As shown in her chart and the cards it is very clear that she is in Service to others and is fulfilling her soul mission here on Earth. She is playing out her role and I do really admire her for her courage in following through. I hope that your reading on Caitlin will help others on their evolutionary journey. Realizing we are ALL One, experiencing different aspect of creation as individuated souls. There is no right and wrong only an experience, all in service to each other, The One Soul Self. Thank you for doing this one. Bless you both for your service.

  2. Denise Kojak (verified owner)


  3. Joy (verified owner)

    This episode was very thought-provoking for me. It definitely gave me pause and I will continue to re-evaluate myself! Thank you Sophie and Meg!

  4. Lisa Hall (verified owner)

    This tape keeps getting stuck. So does the other one on russell brand. Is it on my end?

  5. Lisa Hall (verified owner)

    So intetesting to know the history of caitlin! I would have sworn she would be part of the illuminati.. i think the girls are all witches.. kris has a high position.. a bruha whatever that means.. l.

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