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The Psychic Spies – Disney Unredacted

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Show Topics:

– Introduction & Why have we picked the Disney for this Psychic Spy Investigation?
– First Psychic Impressions of Walt Disney & The Walt Disney Company
– Sophie pulls Tarot/ Oracle cards on some of the most significant burning questions regarding the disney empire.. including what is the deeper meaning of the current battle between Ron Desantis & Disney, who really is Walt Disney? what are the true intentions of the disney company? What is the future of Disney and the film industry? and more!
– Astrological Analysis by Meg, looking at Walt’s Birth Chart/ The Disney Company’s Birth Chart & current Transits, as well as collective transits influencing the situation.
– Conclusion: What is Sophie & Meg’s soul evaluation & overall psychic findings?

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6 reviews for The Psychic Spies – Disney Unredacted

  1. Stephanie Schones (verified owner)

    My ex was in Demolay and he said they invite you to be a Mason from there.

  2. GiGi (verified owner)

    Wow! This entire video was fascinating! So much evil cloaked as good family values and fun, Disney really fooled most of us for years. Love you two together 🙂

  3. marleen de Lange (verified owner)

    Great show again ladies! …Almost all of the Disney characters have no mother in their life. Their mothers are killed, deceased, or just missing without any explanation. Disney had an agenda to eliminate the powerfull, nurtering and loving role of mothers. That man was an evil and demonic Freemason (33 degree!), and i bet he was a sick pedo.

  4. Izabela Goralczyk (verified owner)

    Great show. A lot of shocking and eye opening information! I didn’t expect to hear that.

  5. iben kofoed (verified owner)

    Great deep dive into Disney – but as I have discovered this to be part of the evil deeds is what hurts the most of all. I’ve loved Disney most of my life and also introduced it to my kids 🥺. And until the past couple of years I never suspected anything bad and never noticed any of the placement of sexual and devil references.

  6. Sandra Bryan (verified owner)

    Really great deep dive! Please do a part 2…? The farther we go down these rabbit holes, it’s like we go into another level of realizing just how dark and evil they have been all these years – decades – centuries… Their pedestals are crumbling…. Love and Light to all Peaceful Warriors!

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