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The Psychic Spies – Elvis Presley Unredacted

From Secret Service to Murder !?

⚠️  WILL BE RECORDING LIVE FOR IAP MEMBER ON MAR 8, 2022 at 5pm, Eastern – The video will NOT play before this time ⚠️

Show Topics:

– Introduction
– Why have we picked Elvis Presley for this Psychic Spy Investigation?
– First Impressions of Elvis with a Tarot Card Reading by Sophie & Astrological Birth Chart Reading by Meg
– A Review of Elvis’ life, what are significant events? What are Sophie & Meg’s psychic impressions ?
– Looking at the astrology, cards, intuitive impressions on Lisa Marie Presley’s recent death
– Conclusion: What is Sophie & Meg’s soul evaluation of Elvis Presley & overall psychic findings?
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7 reviews for The Psychic Spies – Elvis Presley Unredacted

  1. Jenny Capella (verified owner)

    So well done!

  2. Beverley Fulker (verified owner)

    fascinating! thank you so much

  3. Jennifer Kuenzler (verified owner)

    Excellent ladies! These are so much fun.

    Please consider a deep dive on Nikola Tesla. Would be very relevant for today.

  4. soniadem (verified owner)

    Thank you so much Sophie and Meg I absolutely love the shows you have done so far, really insightful and in depth, loving the combination of the Scorpio and Pisces energy. Would you be interested in doing an investigation into Prince? I’ve just been listening to Jay Weiner on the decoding of Nostradamus with Julie and JC. fascinating stuff. Thank you.

  5. Donna b 1 (verified owner)

    Fantastic ladies…yes Priscilla has weird eyes…and greedy for Elvis Graceland…hope Lisa’s daughter will be executor of Graceland

  6. Vegagir11 (verified owner)

    Wonderful show. Can’t wait for more.

  7. Vegagir11 (verified owner)

    Funny about how you got that about Pricilla. Janine also got that she was dark arts and light have been responsible.

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