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The Psychic Spies – JOHNNY DEPP Unredacted


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Show Topics:


– Introduction & Why have we picked Depp for this Psychic Spy Investigation?

– First Psychic Impressions of Johnny Depp

– Astrological Analysis by Meg, looking at Johnny’s Birth Chart as well as current astrological transits

– Sophie pulls Tarot/ Oracle cards on some of the most significant burning questions regarding Johnny .. including who is he really? why has he been targeted by the “me too”/ “woke” movement so intensely? Is there something he did or wanted to reveal that brought on his career issues? what’s coming up for him next? and more!

-Diving deeper into some lesser known subjects on Depp’s life

– Conclusion: What is Sophie & Meg’s soul evaluation & overall psychic findings?


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3 reviews for The Psychic Spies – Johnny Depp Unredacted

  1. Adison Zavier (verified owner)

    Amazing show ladies! I love Johnny Depp, I think he’s a very complex guy with a good heart in the end. Very accurate and fascinating show fitting for a fascinating character as Johnny. He strikes me as a type of genius as well where you never know what he’ll do next! He’s definately in a league of his own! As for Amber Heard I NEVER NEVER felt good about even before and after she was with Johnny. I always felt something not real about her. I would not be surprised if she’s a what they call out there in truther community as a “Synthetic”. An organic type of robot/clone believe it or not this is a topic out there! LOVE YOU YOUR SHOWS! XOXO

  2. marleen de Lange (verified owner)

    Amber Heard has all the characteristics of a biological male. I Googled her in bikini to see her body and it’s super clear to me it’s a dude. Hollywood is littered with MTF trannies. Heard has a big huge trunk like neck, and a total lack of a female hourglass figure. No child bearing hips whatsoever….And the dead give away is her shoulderline is broader in width, than her hips. That’s a male trait. Women’s hips are equal in the width of their shoulderline. Like Adison says in her comment it could well be a synthetic, it would explain her lack of emotions aand empathy. It would also explain that she/he was abusive to Depp. They don’t get their artist name by coincendence. When you speak out her/his surname, it sounds like Hurt. Exactly what he/she did to Depp. Thank you ladies for a great show!

  3. Alexandra van Bergen (verified owner)

    Neither of you both looked into the Adrenachrome aspect of him. Loathing in Las Vegas.?????

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