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The Psychic Spies – Princess Diana Unredacted

Sacrifice on a Sacred Land

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Show Topics:

– Introduction & Why have we picked Princess Diana for this Psychic Spy Investigation?

– First Psychic Impressions of Diana

– Sophie pulls Tarot/ Oracle cards on some of the most significant burning questions regarding Princess Diana.. including who is she really? what really happened to her? was she controlled? and more!

– Astrological Analysis by Meg, looking at Diana’s Birth Chart as well as astrological transits

-Diving deeper into some lesser known subjects on Diana’s personal life and legacy

– Conclusion: What is Sophie & Meg’s soul evaluation & overall psychic findings?

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2 reviews for The Psychic Spies – Princess Diana Unredacted

  1. Caroline (verified owner)

    Well, the titanic was faked – so it’s clear they can fake anything!!
    The number plate of the car she was photographed getting into with Dodi that night, is not the same car of number plate of the car that crashed in the tunnel.
    There’s a lot more to this sad situation that you missed, perhaps you need to speak to Janine of Tom numbers – they’ve shared very different information, which resonates far more.

  2. Shannon Kellett (verified owner)

    I thought it was very interesting! I’ve always been sad for her at the way everything happened. I hope the truth comes out in the end!!

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