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The Psychic Spies – TITANIC Unredacted

History repeats itself! Is the future of the economy linked with the titanic

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Show Topics:

– Introduction

– Why have we picked the Titanic for this Psychic Spy Investigation?

– First Psychic Impressions of Titanic & the recent Titan Submarine Explosion

Sophie shares her intuitive insights as well as card tartot/ oracle pulls on some of the most significant burning questions Titanic & the recent Titan Submarine Explosion…

– Astrological Analysis & intutivie insights by Meg, looking at Titanic’s Chart/ Transits, as well as Titan Submarine’s Astrology and more

– Conclusion: What is Sophie & Meg’s overall psychic findings?

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4 reviews for The Psychic Spies – TITANIC Unredacted

  1. marleen de Lange (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this episode, thank you ladies! The company that owned the Titanic also owned another ship called the Olympic. What they did was switching the 2 ships. The Olympic was identical to the Titanic, only difference between the ships were the form of the windows. The Olympic had been in a collision with another ship. The Olympic was damaged severly in the middle (!) of the ship. That’s why the Titanic, or rather the Olympic broke in the middle. They repared the Olympic very poorly, and rivited on the name Titanic on the ship to collect insurrance money. After all the time in the water some of the letters that spelled the name Titanic have fallen off. There are recent photo’s where you can see the letters M and P from Olympic under there. I’ve been told that the original Titanic had been sailing for abt. 25 yrs after the disaster.

  2. Suzanne Wilson (verified owner)

    Great job ladies. I love these psychic spies.

  3. DEBORAH CHAPMAN (verified owner)

    Loved this! Thank you ladies ♥️

  4. Catherine Booysen (verified owner)

    Just starting but wanted to chime in, I used to love the ocean til later in teen years became terrified and had nightmares for many years about being stuck under a large vessel, all different scenarios of death at sea and being stuck or killed by the massive vessel/ship/barge, it is my worst nightmare! But I know many ships went down so not sure which past life that relates to, I guess it could be Titanic tho. Thanks and hope psychic spies comes back 🙂

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