5 thoughts on “Welcome to Beyond Mystic

  1. Love your interviews but really loved Trump and Qanon interview with JSNIPS4,Aurora, Jenny,and Maryam ,Loved Them all!!! Please get the same panel back on a regular basis all were exceptional and much needed during this transitional phase we’re going through and maybe add The Amazing Penny Kelly?!

  2. Cant wait for more of these videos! Thank you so much JC. You are literally a beacon of beautiful light energy. You have helped so many people, including me. I can’t thank you enough for your part in this journey. Thank you thank you thank you!!! So so much love and light to you and your family. Love you!

  3. You guys are fantastic. Your positive vibes around some challenging topics makes waking up a little fun along with the challenging.

    Hey I fell down a terrible rabbit hole the other day, learning about some dark secret in the US. There’s whispers about secret FEMA camp, rail cars hidden around the country in remote places with shackles and guillotines! Also some of those stocked up in strategic military bases. It’s said Obama was responsible.

    As much as I’d like to hide my head in the sand, it’s keeping me up at night.

    Can Tarot by Jenine look, at some point, to see if there’s any truth to these rumors? And if there is, what is their status as of now? Has President Trump taken steps to dismantle these?

    Blessings to you both! Merci Beaucoup!


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