What is grid keeping? 

What are planetary energy mechanics, networks, overlays, and machine’s? How do these function with vortex’s, stargates, trinity gates, and a weakening magnetic field. 
Descension grids in the United States, Bleeding grids causes and symptoms, Magnetic field Manipulation and Tampering 

Black cubes, saturn and black hole worm matricescauses: magnetic field tampering, inundation bio-chemical warfare 
symptoms: homelessness (starseeds beyond repair or rehabilitating)high crime rates, declining cities
How is this impacting starseeds, indigo’s, and those going through ascension? 
Baphomet Seal, Vatican Seal Detroit Michigan, Baphomet Statue 2015
Salem MassachusettsWashington DC
Draco Seal Denver Airport
Black Sun Seal, Trinity gate site, harvestingLos Angeles, Malibu BeachManhattan
The Dove Grid, The book of knowledge keys of Enoch 

Lake Michigan, Bermuda Triangle, and underwater stonehenge


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