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The Psychic Spies – Macron Unredacted

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Show Topics:

– Introduction
– Why have we picked Emmanuel Macron for this Psychic Spy Investigation?
– First Psychic Impressions of Macron
– Meg & Sophie intuitively dive deep into what they think are some of the most significant burning questions regarding Macron.. including what is the synchronistic connection between Macron and Justin Trudeau (Castro), are their fates tied? 
– Astrological Analysis by Meg, looking at Macron’s Birth Chart/ current Transits, as well as France & Europe’s current astrological transits
– Conclusion: What is Sophie & Meg’s soul evaluation & overall psychic findings?

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2 reviews for The Psychic Spies – Macron Unredacted

  1. Marc Peycker (verified owner)

    Very good insights about the man; I can confirm most of them, particularly what you said about his “whife”, “her” role and position. Also, “she” is actually a “he”; “Brigitte’s” real name is Jean-Michel. It’s the same kind of situation as with Barack and Michelle Obama. It has all been established by a lady called Natasha Rey, who did a great citizen journalist investigation (that has, of course, been totally ridiculed by the propaganda media).

  2. marleen de Lange (verified owner)

    Great show ladies. I think you’re spot on that his ‘wife’ is his handler. I get a lot of MKUltra vibes around them. Macron is married to an MTF tranny, no way that straight up and down body is female! These elite’s like to bend their gender, there are many who do that. (like Big Mike) I would love to see a show about that lol. anyway…much love and light from the Netherlands! 💜

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