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…and the Britney Spears Connection?

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 According to Sadhguru:

It’s a natural phenomenon and just bad navigation conditions


According to other scientists:

There is a lot of Magnetite on the water bed changing the magnetic field of the area

They claim the triangle is moving as the magnetic pole is also moving


According to the “Convoluted Universe – Book One” by Dolores Cannon:

A Giant Crystal / Energy device in Atlantis was fragmented in order to prevent its wrongful usage and then sunk under the Atlantic Ocean, creating a disturbance in the magnetic field in the Bermuda Triangle and thus creating a time bend portal.

The Fog Mist Time Portal

Is there another time bend disturbance like this one somewhere else on Earth – The Dragon Triangle in Japan maybe?



  •  Because of this time bend portal – did the pilots and sailors that went missing find themselves in 5D or in another dimension / parrallel universe?
  •  Is there a temple under water in the Bermuda Triangle?
  •  Are there pyramids underneath the water in the triangle?


  •  Are there underground spaceship bases underneath the water in the triangle?
  • Are there ET groups visiting the area? Do they use the Bermuda Triangle to travel to and from our planet? 
  • Is music activating the Stargate in the Bermuda triangle?
  • Is Britney Spears linked to the Bermuda Triangle?
  • “The Bermuda triangle is one of two places on earth where compasses point to true north (the geographic North Pole) rather than magnetic north (the shifting magnetic North Pole)” – What’s the relationship between Bermuda Triangle and North Pole or Mount Meru?
  • What’s the importance on learning about the Bermuda Triangle right now?

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  1. jc (verified owner)

    wow…really? Britney Spears???

  2. Ginger Blakely (verified owner)

    A truly outstanding episode, definitely don’t miss this one! I love the input of all three talents here, and especially the intuition of JC is showcased this time with his “weird/not so weird” questions. Well done, all!

  3. Teresa Gregory (verified owner)

    “Barely scratching the surface” is extraordinary information that never ceases to amaze me! There’s a whole new world history and truth coming to us. How in the world did they – the bad ones – manage to trick and subdue us to this level without us catching on? I asked my pendulum what percentage I was still programmed/ brainwashed and got 30% as my answer. I’m going to meditate more in order to figure out how to get that % lower.
    This is ALL amazing to me. I was involved with Lemuria … and my Lemurian crystals help me in the astral especially at night. I’m so excited for ALL the truth to come out over the next couple of years and so appreciate your guidance via these special episodes. I’m still in shock though about how much was hidden from us.
    Thank you for these powerful readings and education.

  4. Suzanne Wilson (verified owner)

    Extremely enlightening. I can’t wait to hear about Antarctica. I am wondering if I’m a star seed. I’ve always had paranormal activity around me. But the activity has increased more frequently over the past 2 years. Would love to know….

  5. Caron Wood (verified owner)

    I Have been interested in the Bermuda triangle and other mysteries since I was a teenager have read alot about it Charles Berlitz wrote, a gd book on this Ioved where this went I feel its some sort of portal that links other worlds dimensions The vibes of cosmos site has some amazing images as to how. The earth really looks and the location of Atlantis and Lemuria and hyperboria Also. That our night sky is a reflection of earth ( the moon) and all the so called planets are reflections from the ocean so I do recognise as a Starseed but maybe these planets are not in the sky but the ocean most of our ‘planet’ is water so could hide alot below There is a section in the bible I don’t know what part but it’s about the creation and above was the waters ie flat earth dome theory am not sure on that But is the solar system actually the oceans reflecting above us on the dome? The more questions we ask the more we do not know hey lol Thankyou love this series 🙏❤️

  6. Emmanuelle Denis (verified owner)

    Really wacky but so enjoyable! Lovely to see JC completely spooked, made me laugh so much! Fun and deep at the same time. Lots of love 💗Emmanuelle.

  7. Definitely_Summer (verified owner)

    Amaaaazing! This was fascinating! There were a LOT of connections that I didn’t expect, that you uncovered. I bet the music/tones are important so that *any* race/beings can access whatever they need to there. Language would be such a hindrance. You guys work so intuitively well individually and together–this has been a terrific series! Keep ’em coming, please!

  8. Karen Napper (verified owner)

    Wow, interesting. Thank you JC, Janine and Julie. Blows me away.

  9. Dorina (verified owner)

    Wow powerful video. I got the body chills and very emotional when Julie asked the question what is so special about the Bermuda Triangle. So much good info keep it coming!

  10. Katie Brackeen (verified owner)

    Awesome as usual. According to the Voyagers series by E’Asha of the Guardian Alliance, Stargate 3 is located in that general area of the Bermuda Islands and is also referred to as Nohassa Atlantis. She has a lot of history about both Lumuria and Atlantis. Also, we had three seedings, and each had some version of an Atlantis and Lumuria. So the cards like to be specific. It may depend on which Atlantis was connected to the Triangle. Fascinating about Brittany Spears. It makes you think how many others were taken down too. LUV ya guys; thank you

  11. Kelly De Saedeleer (verified owner)

    Woww this was mind blowing, fascinating…. Might listen to it all again… the story about Britney Spears made me think about The Little Mermaid, where Ariel had to sacrifice her voice to the wicked witch Ursula. It’s maybe crazy my mind went there but who knows… maybe not that crazy. There is still so much to learn and discover.
    And ohhh yeah I loved Stargate, I was like almost glued to the tv when it was on…. Oh I love you all so much, digital hugs from Belgium 🙏❤️

  12. Elizabeth Ordonez (verified owner)

    This shows makes us just go crazy thinking about every single place on earth, Bahamas, Colombus isle, Turks and Caicos all islands on this same triangle and as a cherry on top the link to music and BS ?
    I really can’t understand how you guys manage to put all this together. Investigating takes toooo much time. Thanks again 😘😘😘

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