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  • Who was behind the creation of CERN?
  • The CERN logo resembles the Google logo in the way that they are both containing 666. Is CERN a Satanic or Dark Hat creation?
  • Was it created for the good of humanity at the beginning?
  • Why is it located in Geneva, Switzerland, and a part of it in the French underground? What’s special with this location? Is there a specific lay line or is it something else?
  • Does the location has something to do with the Cathars in France?
  • Are there special minerals in the ground of this location?
  • CERN Laboratory was established in 1954 – the very same year Eisenhower’s government signed a deal with Grays. Did they establishing CERN to use and develop Gray technology?
  • Was it blocking in any way our spiritual evolution?
  •  Why is there a Statue of Shiva at CERN?

 Technology experiments

  •  They claim to create tiny black holes with the particle accelarator to “recreate the conditions of the Big Bang” – is it in fact creating a portal to another dimension?
  • Was Stranger Things a predictive programming of what they were really aiming to do at CERN? Opening up a portal to the Upside Down which is in fact a portal to let in demonic entities?
  • Since the treaty with Grays allowed them to experiment on humans and use them for slave trafficking, did they use this portal to send human slaves off planet?
  • Did they experiment with Human and Off-World DNA at CERN?
  •  CERN is the self-proclaimed inventor of the World Wide Web and possesses a huge network of computers – was it intended to be a main player in the Digital ID?
  •  Were they able to teleport people or beam people like they show in Star Trek?
  •  What’s the real goal of this particle accelerator (17-mile Ring-type accelarator) – underground Switzerland and France?
  •  Its said they are searching for “The God Particle” to be able to have God-like powers of creating anything. Is it in fact a way to highjack creation energy into dark energy?
  • Were they using those portals to change Earth’s timeline?

 Recent activities

  • A Beyond Mystic viewer mentioned there was a lot of spaceship activity above CERN recently… why is that?
  • Did the Galactic Federation of Worlds take over CERN?
  • Where is it going now that CERN is in the hands of the Alliance? What will the technology be used for?

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  1. jc (verified owner)


  2. Mrs. Ulrika Persson (verified owner)

    JC and Julie – you did a great job investigating, preparing and dug deep in the rabbit hole to get so many interesting Q for Janine. I believe that this show just scraped the surface on the hole truth and nothing but the truth concerning CERN. Great show! Thank you so much and Bless you all.

  3. Françoise THIEBAUD (verified owner)

    Merci beaucoup à vous trois ! Je vis à côté du CERN… et suis maintenant rassurée! Thank you so much

  4. Karl Johan Lund (verified owner)

    Lot of interesting information. Thank yo a lot. Merci beaucoup!

  5. Marian Webster (verified owner)

    The travel possibilities are super exciting! Great research, questions and information. Thank you all! Great job!!

  6. Julie Alexander (verified owner)

    Hi, JC, Janine and Julie, I loved this episode about CERN, you all work so well together and have so much respect for each other, it’s a joy to watch your videos.

    I wondered if you could do a video about HAARP and see if you could find out who is in charge of HAARP now is it the bad guys or the good guys, white hats, alliance, off world alliance?

    Thank you so much for what you are all doing. I resonate with your material so much, it makes so much sense to me, it’s brilliant.

    Love Julie 💞💞💞💞💞

  7. Beverly Martin (verified owner)

    See…. lol went from 3 stars to 5 stars…once I rebooted. This is wild!!! Janine’s comment and man oh man does that fit. I’m going to have to watch Stranger things… lol

  8. Shadyblues (verified owner)

    Thank you beautiful souls

  9. palmspringsanita (verified owner)

    Another great show by the Dynamic Trio! Julie, you had amazing questions! Interesting about the surprising origins of CERN and its location could even relate to the Holy Grail. Agree with “Julie” in comment section that HAARP would make an interesting show, possibly including additional topics such as chem trails and the devastating fires, etc.

    A topic that interests me is the “Book of Revelations” in the Bible. I am wondering if the “Deep State” revised this particular book so that the Evangelicals, Seventh Day Adventist, and other like minds would accept what ever the DS is doing as “God’s Will” and just let it happen. There are other Christians such as Mark Taylor (Trump Prophesies) that are telling people to put on “the armor of God” and fight against the NWO and the DS infested churches. Also the Catholic truthers such as “Church Militant” and the “Remnant” are also telling us to fight against the NWO as they continue to expose the evils of those who are occupying its hierarchy. I once rented a room from a wonderful lady who was a devout Catholic convert. She told me that she asked a priest about her concerns about “Book of Revelations” and he told her: don’t worry, John was very old when he wrote it (senile?), so it is probably wise not to place much importance in this final Biblical book. Of course it also leaves much to interpretation.

    It is so wonderful to listen your positive message because you give us hope while you are helping us expand our brains to new and exciting Universal possibilities and powers.

  10. Robin (verified owner)


  11. ShezHuman (verified owner)

    Hello JC, Janine and Julie, I learned that CERN sits on or under the ancient temple of Apollo site. Great questions BTW.

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